Plug on power cable to computer

  dp600 05:06 15 May 2008

The plug in the wall socket from computer seems to get hot ,is this normal ?.
Thank You.

  €dstowe 06:41 15 May 2008

No, it isn't normal.

The power drawn by a computer is very low in comparison to what a standard 13A plug is able to deliver.

I suggest the first thing you do is check the fuse in the plug. Quite often these are not changed from the standard 13A which these "kettle plugs" are usually supplied with. The correct rating for a computer is 3A.

If the fuse is wrong, you change it to the correct rating. If it blows then there is something very wrong which you should get checked out by a professional.

  dp600 06:43 15 May 2008

Thank You
But I am in Greece and plug has no fuse.Sorry i forgot mention in my post

  €dstowe 09:03 15 May 2008

Then it is even more important to get it checked.

Overheating sockets are a very common cause of fires. Any plug that gets hot is faulty in some way - either being overloaded or badly connected.

Please get it checked out as soon as you can.

  dp600 09:06 15 May 2008

thank you
will change cable and socket

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