Plug & Play not recognising new USB device

  tallboy 15:03 30 Apr 2009

As a result of a Windows XP re-install, I am having to re-load the drivers / software for additional devices.

I have a D-Link USB 10/100M USB to Ethernet adapter that I use to connect to my Ethernet router. (Unfortunately there isn't room in my PC for a network card)

I have the driver floppy disk for this device (originally intended for Windows 98 / Win 2000, but it worked fine on XP prior to the rebuild). The installation instruction tell you to locate the driver (on the floppy) once Windows recognises the presence of a new device and asks for the driver.

However, Windows is not recognising the presence of the additional device and hence is not asking for the driver. The adapter may have been plugged in when I reloaded Windows (I'm not sure of this) but certainly when I check the XP System hardware tab in the Control Panel, there is no 10/100 network adapter listed under that part of the hardware list, so a driver has not been loaded during the XP install.

I have restarted XP without the device installed and then re-started XP with it installed - but it still did come up with a 'new hardware found message' or asked for a driver disk.

How do I get XP to recognise it as a new device and ask for the driver?

  Technotiger 15:24 30 Apr 2009

Have you re-installed the USB drivers? In Devices un-install ALL USB devices, then re-start Windows, during which time USB Drivers should automatically be re-installed/enabled.

  tallboy 18:44 30 Apr 2009

Many thanks for the super-quick response Technotiger. I hadn't tried that, primarily because I have a USB mouse. However, I was able to swap over to an old PS2 mouse and un-install all the USB drivers.

When I re-started and then plugged in the D-Link 10/100M USB adapter, sure enough the device installation window came up. It's all working fine now - I just need to re-install my MS Intellipoint Optical Mouse driver.

Incidentally, for the benefit of other readers, how do you fix this problem if you only have a USB keyboard / mouse set up?

  Technotiger 19:03 30 Apr 2009

if you only have a USB keyboard / mouse set up? .......... borrow one from a friend, or do as I do - keep a spare!

Anyway, glad all is OK now, thanks for your feedback.

  tallboy 19:32 30 Apr 2009

The MS Optical Mouse is also working now. The D-Link adapter is working overtime as I download all the MS Updates that have been issued over the past 4 years! (Since my copy of Windows XP Home Edition was created.)

There must be an easier way to bulk-update XP, given that thousands of people around the world have to re-install it at some stage in their computer's life.

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