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  osben 14:50 06 Aug 2004


I have an internal PCI modem which I have never used and want to delete it. Trouble is that plug and play wants me to reinstal it. I suppose I could physically take the card out but must be easier to turn off plug and play.

Can anyone tell me where I can turn plug and play off until I need it again and will it be ok to do so.


  MichelleC 15:42 06 Aug 2004

To have it enabled can be a security risk click here

  dagwoood 15:46 06 Aug 2004

Osben, there's normaly an option in your BIOS to disable modems.

I have an AMI BIOS and the option to disable the modem is under the heading "features set up".


  osben 16:01 06 Aug 2004

Thanks for your quick response.

MichelleC - I don't want to use a third party piece of software to do this.

Dagwood - I don't seem to have the facility in my BIOS you refer to and anyway doesn't doing that disable all modems, not just the internal one.

There must be a simple setting that microsoft have incorporated in XP to do this somewhere mustn't there?


  VoG II 16:09 06 Aug 2004

Can't you disable it in Device Manager?

  osben 16:30 06 Aug 2004


I asume you mean disable Plug & Play in Device Manager and not the PCI Modem.

If I disable the Modem whenever I start up, plug & play says it's found new hardware.

If so In system Devices section there is a line ""Plug And Play Software Devices Enumerator""

Is that it??


  VoG II 16:34 06 Aug 2004

No, sorry, I meant disable the modem. I don't understand why PnP would find it if it is disabled. I did this with mine (before I finally physically removed it) and I didn't have this problem. Odd...

  osben 16:42 06 Aug 2004

Yes it does seem odd doesn't it!!

That's why I want to disable the PnP facility.

Guess I will have to take the Card out of the CPU

Thanks anyway


  VoG II 18:34 08 Aug 2004

Found it! (whilst looking for something else - always the way).

Administrative Tools/Services, Plug and Play.

  osben 07:44 09 Aug 2004

So did I VoG™. Knew it was somewhere.
Thanks for your help though.


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