Plug Image in Acronis version 9.

  Daibus 16:43 09 Oct 2005

I recently installed Acronis True Image version 9 and after making a Full Backup and a Disc Image to another Hard Drive all seems to be working well.

Today however, I thought I would try to Backup Documents and Settings only and that also was no problem but when I tried to Plug the Image, so I could explore it as a Virtual Drive I was told it could not be done as it contained no Partitions.

So I presume that if a single File or Folder is presented as a Backup it can not be viewed etc.afterwards in a Virtual Drive, as a Full or Incremental Backup can?

Am I going wrong?

  woodchip 16:47 09 Oct 2005

Try this in Windows Explorer, Just double click the Image, it should assign a Drive Letter, to unplug just right click the drive and choose unplug

  Daibus 17:02 09 Oct 2005


Many thanks for your swift reply and I tried what you said going into Windows Explorer but when I double click the Image it opens up in Acronis but then a window again says "Specified archive cannot be plugged since it contains no partitions", so I am unable to get assigned a Drive Letter.

Cheers again.

  mattyc_92 17:03 09 Oct 2005

Sounds like a corrupt backup file.

  woodchip 17:05 09 Oct 2005

yep that's what I would say, it not done it's job right

  Daibus 17:08 09 Oct 2005

So following on it should be possible to Plug an Image even if it only consists of a single file or folder?

  dagwoood 22:42 09 Oct 2005

Daibus, are you running the latest version of True Image 9? I've noticed there have been at least two updates for TI9 since it's release(safe to assume it may be a bit buggy considering it's a new product).

I think the latest version is build 2277.

HTH, dagwoood.

  Daibus 09:49 10 Oct 2005


Many thanks for your reply and I'm running version 2277 however I contacted Aconis and they replied to me in 4 hrs no less, with their answer:-

Please keep in mind that, though both file archives and disk/partition images have a default “.tib” extension, only images can be plugged in. You will never be able to plug in an archive, containing file/folders backup.

Please be aware that if you want to restore individual files from the files/folders image then you can use "Recovery" option.

  Chegs ® 09:56 10 Oct 2005

That looks about right.Only full images can be "explored" if you want to check individual files,you'll have to "recover" them.Just becareful you don't "recover" them OTT of present files.(DI2002 has similar feature,and allows you to specify where the files recovered to)

  Daibus 07:44 12 Oct 2005

Chegs ®

Thanks for your email but am I right in thinking that in Acronis TI version 9 you can also recover files to a different location - I think it gives you this option? Cheers.

  Mike D 08:16 12 Oct 2005


Yes you can recover files to a new location; I am doing this even as I type.


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