Plug-in Fatal Error. Java Runtime Environment

  mothercat 08:26 04 Nov 2007

Plug-in Fatal Error. Java Runtime Environment C:\Program~/Java/JRE16.O-O\bin\server\jvm.dll>

Trouble is I really need it for producing graphs from the web. Can anyone help with a solution?

I have tried the following:

1. Went to the Java site and downloaded the up-to-date ‘Java Program.’ No good, failed to install!
2. OK perhaps that’s because its already there on my HD. So erased all the Java programs on my HD with Install Delete (I’m using Win XP)
3. Tried downloading again and re installing, failed to install.
4. Tried the web site with the Graphs I want and was advised to install Java Plug-in. Tried, Failed to install.
5. Everything else is working fine but for Java?
6. Tried ‘System Restore’ but it never offers the option of going back far enough to a date prior to this problem!
Bewitched - Bothered-and Bewildered!
My New Laptop runs Vista! Why is it so slow it's like watching paint drying. 1Gb mem etc...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:28 04 Nov 2007

New Laptop runs Vista! Why is it so slow

1Gb mem

Add more memory, Vista is much happier with 2gig
minimum or use the "ready Boost feature that allows Vista to use a USB flash drive as memory.

I'll look into your other problem.

  MrBen CI:-) 09:30 04 Nov 2007

'My New Laptop runs Vista! Why is it so slow it's like watching paint drying. 1Gb mem etc...'
Suggest more RAM Memory to spped things up.
Vista is VERY hard on Memory, 2GB would be better or even 3/4GB if you really want to make things quicker!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:31 04 Nov 2007

Hmm could be related to the memory situation.

The possible workaround(s) are:
1) Try setting virtual memory as System managed:
Windows xp users start--->control panel--->System--->advanced---->Performance(setting)---->Advanced---->virtualmemory(change)--->Click system managed size--->set then Ok restart your computer. Not sure how you do it in Vista.
2) Set JRE parameter less then 3/4 of actual physical memory present in the system.
For example, 512 MB if RAM is 1024 MB.
3) Disable any unwanted/new/confusing add-on in the browser (IE7).
For example, Windows Live Sign-in add-on can restrict Java functioning due to unknown reasons. Disabling same, if installed could be helpful.

  Probabilitydrive 10:16 04 Nov 2007

Using FireFox, I recently had Java installation problems. I went click here for some ideas. Eventually I uninstalled FF, run CCleaner, followed by PCTools Registry Mechanic. Reinstalled FF and downloaded Java again. It worked.

Likely cause was some corrupted FireFox registry entries.

I tested my Java installation click here
click here

  birdface 10:21 04 Nov 2007

Hi,Check in Add-Remove you should have Version 6 update 3 installed if you have more I would delete them all run C Cleaner and re-install the latest version only.

  mothercat 19:04 04 Nov 2007

Just by chance I remembered I had installed the 'Avant Browser' a week or so ago and it was so good I set it up as default. But just now I when I went back to using Firefox and the problem disappeared!! Have posted the problem with 'Avant'

Problem of Vista on my Laptop..need about 3 Gig ram..
This is like Ford selling you a Ten Ton Truck with a 1200 cc. Fiesta engine, like how can these bl:::: computer manufactures get away with it!! Anyway from what I have seen with Vista its not a patch on XP. How do I dump it and revert back (or up) to XP on my Laptop?
Kind regards

  birdface 09:20 05 Nov 2007

I don't think you can revert back to XP without paying for it if it is a new laptop. If you still have your old computer could you not download it to an external hard drive and use both on your laptop.Probably not,Just a thought.probably have problems with different drivers etc.

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