Pls. HELP!! Probs with Belkin Router etc

  [DELETED] 16:08 15 May 2006

Sorry to sound thick (and if I've posted int eh wrong place), however, here goes...

I have my PC connected to an NTL Modem which is also connected to a Belkin 54MB Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router F5D7230uk4 and my son has his pc upstairs and all worked OK untill I tried to set the security things to stop others using my connection! Now I cannot connect him or his PSP (which also previously worked) to the internet. I was/am using SparkLAN WL-682 Wireless 11g High Speed USB Adapter which seemingly has security features including WEP & WPA in his room for the internet.

I don't want him to share any other part of my computer, just the internet.

Can someone pls. tell me what to do (in a really easy way to follow!).

Thanks very much in advance!

(the only good thing about this is that my son's now not talking to that's a good thing!)

  [DELETED] 16:21 15 May 2006

Well, you can't be thick, because you posted in the right section! (More than some people manage...)

We'll disregard the PSP for a moment, as that is probably going to be a special case re setup.

I can provide you with instructions detailing the correct procedure for securing Belkin routers (though it is compiled for the 76 series modem/routers and thus differs slightly on a coulpe of points)...

But firstly, some more info. We'll need to know whether each client PC has XP Home or Pro and what firewall is installed on your son's PC. Can you also tell us whether you installed that USB adapter with its proprietary software or with only a driver (ie, controlled by Windows)?

  [DELETED] 16:47 15 May 2006

Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quickly! x
My PC (the main 1) started off with XP home but my brother put longhorn on (I'm presuming that that's prof) my son has XP Home (I think).

I installed the USB with the setup driver disk on my sons pc - we both use NTL's Netguard anti virus and also both use the Sygate Personal Firewall.

what would the differences be and how would I get round them and know that I'm doing it???

If i've not answered your questions properly - sorry - Told you I was a bit thick when it comes to pc's!

  [DELETED] 17:10 15 May 2006

Hope I've not sent you running...... xxx

  [DELETED] 18:51 15 May 2006

"Longhorn" was Microsoft's internal codename for Windows Vista, which has just gone into Public Beta 2 stage. If you actually have Vista Beta, I strongly suggest that you ask your brother to remove it and replace it with your original OS. Betas are, by their nature, work in progress and should not really be used unless you are fairly knowledgeable. The point of a public beta release is to allow MS to receive real-world feedback from a variety of volunteer guinea pigs.

It is generally recommended that, if you experience problems with a USB adapter, you try using it in driver-only mode without the software. Uninstall the device and its software, reboot, search the CD for the appropriate driver (or download it), insert the adapter, wait for the New Hardware Found wizard and then point it to the driver.

I cannot advise how to network with Sygate. I have tested it, but not in a networked environment. I will see if I can download a manual for it.

  [DELETED] 19:18 15 May 2006

Thanks! Getting him to remove it and have banned him from messing with my pc!!! Will do as you say with the USB.

  [DELETED] 20:14 15 May 2006

Hi, I think I've sorted it! Whey hey! thanks for your help hon, much apprciated! PC now back to normal! big kiss!

  [DELETED] 20:33 15 May 2006

Happy to help!

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