Pls Help me Ditch AOL!

  Robboshef 15:19 04 Jun 2008

Im really getting sick of know, the useless and heavy CPU demanding software, and the bright white "not responding" screen if you click more than three times in quick succession! Please help me move to another ISP. Im thinking about Be or O2. I live in Watford and the exchange is about 2km away straight line distance. click here
This says i can get 3.5-4 Mbps on ADSL but does that mean I will get 3.5Mbps or does it mean it would be 3.5Mbps if i lived next door to it? I.e. Does the 3.5-4 Mbps they quote for my postcode take into account distance already?

Im thinking of going with 02 seeing as im a contract user so can benefit from the £5 month discount, and they said their lines use ADSL2+ but i could only get their basic 8Mbps package and this would prob give about 5.9Mbps. Does that all sound about right to pple? :)

Also, why is that so low? Do i just live in a rubbish area? How am i ever meant to get near 24Mbps?

Later, im going to post some line stats to help, but thought i would get some early advice/help.



  Technotiger 15:32 04 Jun 2008
  Giggle n' Bits 15:42 04 Jun 2008

Yep Scrap AOL. There software is very heavy on systems.

Simple, call their number 0844 499 5555 and select the moving/MAC Number option.

Ask them for your MAC Number which they will send to you within 5 working days to your AOL Email Address (So do not Uninstall AOL just yet)

AOL may ask why you want to move and who too. I am with O2 on Premium upto 16MB and get 12MB for £15 month (I am happy with them)

Anyway, don't tell AOL who you want to change to, you don't have to legally.

Get your MAC number then call O2 or who you wish to move over too.

Also Good telephone wiring in you home is essential to good broadband speed. Temporary cheap ext leads and adapters are a waste of time.

Hope this is helpfull 4 u.

  Pine Man 16:20 04 Jun 2008

I live about 2km from my exchange and took up the O2 8mbs package as I have one of their PAYG mobiles. According to most of the speed testers I am getting about 7Mbps download and 1.1Mbps upload for £7.50 a month and free phone support. I have to top up my phone with £10 every three months.

  jrb1946 22:29 04 Jun 2008

AOL is the heaviest memory user I have on my computer, but with 1GB that should not be an issue.

Low speed or speed drops are not usually AOL's fault - even though we pay them.

The problem will lie either in the wire from your house BT junction box to the telephone pole or the hole in the ground outside.

I had mine replaced last week. Speeds are consistent now at 4500kbps delivered, 5000 configured and 6100 downstream using AOL max the new contract - before that it jittered around 2Mbps or lower, and often sank irretrievably to 135Kb! = big complaint made each time. Use and confirm with Dan Elwell. Don't use PCAdvisor's speedtester it really does not work.

The real problem with AOL is the ......(you fill in the words you know for clotheads) in Bangalore they use to answer the phone. I only got real action after I sent an email to Charles Dunstone the MD of carphone warehouse/talk talk who own AOL here. Then I got some real and very good action indeed.

At the same time BT redid the wires they also put in a special filter at the window which meant all the wiring inside my house was filtered=no dangly filters any more.

You do have to be sure that the internal wiring is not defunct, faulty, though I have no idea how to do that.

If you have 2 grey wires from your house to the outside world - get that changed by BT - those wires were not designed to do BroadBand. And the get filter too. Has a name I can't remember!.

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