PLS help me with DG834G v3 router

  toxictrash 13:17 15 Aug 2008

Hi all ^_^
I have the NETGEAR dg834g v3 router ,yesterday I bought a laptop.The problem is that when I start to scan for any wireless conections and when found my router I just can't connect to it. I have to write a network name which I dont know and when I do it randomly and click the button "connect anyway" after that nothing happens. And also I had this CD in my pack when bouth the ROUTER but dont know where is now. PLS help me if you have any idea on my situation

  tullie 17:56 15 Aug 2008

So,assuming wireless on laptop is turned on,you hover over icon in task bar which says connect to a network,you click on yours,and you enter the details required,what then happens?

  Ashrich 23:36 15 Aug 2008

Connect the laptop to the router with an ethernet cable ( to port 1 ) .

Open a browser window and type in tto the address bar and press enter ( the user name is admin , the password is password ) Navigate to the wireless settings ( on the left hand side menu ) Scroll down to the wireless security settings .

Select WPA ( your laptop should support it ) and enter a memorable phrase or a good long word that you can remember but won't be that obvious to anyone else , and make a note of it . While in that section you can change the name of the router ( SSID ) again give it a pertinent name . Click on " save settings " , when the settings are saved you can log out of the router .

Disconnect the ethernet cable , close the browser window and scan for networks again , find yours , click on it and enter the network key that you gave it ( the phrase or long word ) XP will ask for it twice , Vista just once , then you should be able to connect to both the router and , providing the router is connected to the internet , that as well .

I assume you have entered the necessary information that your ISP needs for you to connect to the internet , if you haven't and can't find the set up disk , either let the set up wizard in the router do the work or come back here with the name of your ISP and someone will be able to tell you what you need to enter .


  oldbeefer2 10:47 18 Aug 2008


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