Plextor DVD Writer: Out Of Warranty repair

  Flopper 11:08 18 Feb 2006

Does anybody know where I can get an Out Of Warranty Plextor burner looked at, preferably repaired?
Plextor themselves seem reluctant to touch it based on the 'small print' on their website.
In a nutshell it will not burn and will not even read retail DVDs or CDs. I assume the laser has gone so would it be economically viable bearing in mind I only paid £30 for it some months ago, second hand?
As I stated in a previous posting this all seemed (coincidentally) to happen after I installed Nero 7. Before that it was perfect.

  Sibbo 11:13 18 Feb 2006

If it were me, I would try uninstalling Nero 7 and revert back to whatever software I was using previously. If that didn't work, I would probably buy a new drive. As you said, it is second hand and new burners are dirt cheap. You could buy a new one for the price that you paid for your second hand one.

  De Marcus™ 11:14 18 Feb 2006

It's simply not economical for anyone to repair a drive, especially when a new one costs around the £30 mark from the likes click here

Thats providing the drive is broken, have you tried a system restore to before the Nero installation?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:14 18 Feb 2006

It would not be worth the money even if you could find someone to look at it. Buy a new burner for under £30 click here


  jakimo 19:50 18 Feb 2006

Download a copy of Plextor tools professional from the plextor site, you can then run some tests on the drive

  Totally-braindead 19:54 18 Feb 2006

If it is the burner that is faulty and not something to do with Nero 7 then I'd just buy another drive, as the others have said it would cost you more to get it fixed than to buy a new one.

  Flopper 19:57 18 Feb 2006

I will cut my losses and get another drive.


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