PLEEEEEAAASEEE HELP - read on! cheers

  TheHacienda 22:41 07 Oct 2009

Right here goes

september 2008 start service with Virgin

wireless router 20mg etc

October 2008 old computer dies a death

December - get new shiny computer (mmmm lovely) everything is hunky dory

May 2009 i'm using AVG free which has been working perfect up until this point, i go to upgrade it and the upgrades fail - okay - so i remove it and reload it - same thing???

next i go to upgrade windows and i'm getting an error message error 8.00 something - can't remember but in a nutshell - ANYTHING i try to update doesn't work
phone Virgin- 3 weeks of foreign callcentres (they try their hardest)
reload windows 3 times because of their advice and still the same - NOTHING WILL UPDATE!

my new computer is on vista (*which i'm told is the problem) but my daughter has a laptop which runs on XP wirelessly - i try to update windows etc - have a guess - the same thing!!!
i unplug my router and link my PC direct via ethernet to the modem - you'll never guess no problems at all
i call virgin - they send a new router out - you'll never guess - THE SAME PROBLEM
i have no idea whats happened - all of a sudden the router stopped working
it may be someething to do with the built in firewall (disabled that - still the same thing)
2/3/4 months go by and i'm paying still for wireless broadband that doesn't work
spoke to them last week and upgrading to 50mg wireless

BASICALLY i thought this would solve the problem, but through the post they have sent me the same wireless router (thought it might be a different one i.e might work)
they are here on friday to fit it
Does anyone have any idea what the hell is wrong / what should i ask the engineer to do???????
clearly i'm no expert but i cannot figure out why all of a sudden the wireless router stopped allowing me to download and insall any software.
The broadband tech guys at virgin have told me to seek out a pc expert but i SWEAR it was working fine and all of a sudden Nothing!!!

PLEASE PLEASE HELP - i have a teenage son whose losing his X-Box live and a daughter who can't use her laptop wirelessly because of these 'con artists'
I'm not stupid but something has changed

  Graham. 23:09 07 Oct 2009

Your title will put most people off, including me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:17 07 Oct 2009

If you can connect via cable but not wireless Then likely you do not have the wiring to the router from the modem correct,
incorrect security key or your modem is blocking the mac address of your machine.

What is the make and model of the wireless modem?

  Forum Editor 23:17 07 Oct 2009

perhaps I can mention a couple of points?

1. Your thread title should reflect the subject matter - this one would be better entitled "wireless networking problem" or something similar.

2. You've posted an identical thread in the networking forum. Please don't post duplicate threads - it's very confusing when people are posting responses in both threads.

I'm going to lock the second thread now.

  woodchip 23:21 07 Oct 2009

Your Router Firewall may have locked you out. go into setup Page to check

  Ashrich 23:44 07 Oct 2009

Do the current Virgin modems have the same habit of locking on the the original MAC address of the last item connected to it ? The old way to stop this was to remove the power tp the modem for a good 10 to 15 minutes to allow them to forget the MAC association and allow a new one ( ie. the new wireless router )

Try unplugging the modem and router , after a decent time plug in the modem and let it settle , attach the router ( modem output to WAN port ) and power up the router , then finally , when all the lights on both have settled , boot the PC and see if the Internet is restored , if it is you can go about setting up your security .


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