Please Windows Defender any good?

  [DELETED] 12:59 21 Mar 2006

because i am currently useing Z,A free and i see defender on a mates pc and from the stuff it does looks quite good but i dont want to uninstall and reinstall unless its worth it and there is some considerable change in security as i have heard that the windows fire wall is crap ,anyone please ,just an opinion will do ,!

  [DELETED] 13:10 21 Mar 2006

Zonealarm and MS defender are two different things.


You can safely use the two on the same pc.

The windows built in firewall isn't necessarily terrible, but only blocks incoming, so if you already had/have an intrusion the firewall would not stop it from connecting to the net and doing what it is supposed to do.

Hope this helps.

  sunny staines 13:13 21 Mar 2006

go for it, its on going monitoring for spyware.

  [DELETED] 16:42 21 Mar 2006

cheers sunny i have tried to install it and it says that i need a newer version of windows installer ? at the mo on this pc i am using windows ME but it htought that it was compatible but iw as obviosly wrong how can i rectify this i have already dloaded all the updates and i still cant install ,,i always doubt my ability even though im a mechanic as with car diag as its always possible theres some thing im not doing right?
i dont know whyu i just like things to be right ya know!

  [DELETED] 16:47 21 Mar 2006

i cant install it for some reason it say s that i need newer installer ,im running ME and have done all the updates and still cannot install it any clues or advice on how to get it install ed please ?????????????????

  [DELETED] 16:52 21 Mar 2006

Windows Me is a no go.

System requirements at

click here


  [DELETED] 16:54 21 Mar 2006

no bother thanks for geting back to me

  [DELETED] 16:55 21 Mar 2006

do you have any good registry cleaners to recomend for win me please if poss??

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