please were is the mute button on keyboard

  jade25 18:55 03 Aug 2007

Have no sound, on vista premium, had this problem when bought it three months ago but it was because jack lead was missing, bought one and got sound but last sunday it went, have checked for drivers and its up todate, went into device manager from help and sound card is ok and somewhere l did a test for sound and it was low but sound on nrealtek high defintion audio left side but all speakers are muted so thats were l need to know were the mute button is. Checked all over the web and its a round button well l have not got one, my keyboard is a plain one but bought new last year, its one for if spilling drinks it goes throught it.
So which will be my mute button ,speakers are built in to the moniter at botton right and left side

  postie24 19:03 03 Aug 2007

Right click the volume icon to bring up audio control,mute option is there.

  lotvic 19:12 03 Aug 2007

You will only have a mute button on your keyboard if it is a Multi Media Keyboard and not an ordinary one.

  jade25 19:16 03 Aug 2007

Thanks, at least l know now that the keyboard has no mute button but right clicked before l asked and just tried again and there is no option on vista for un muting it and sound is on 99

  jade25 19:18 03 Aug 2007

When right clicked the windows sound and other one a red circle with a line across it comes on

  postie24 19:20 03 Aug 2007

Have you looked in control panel/sounds and audio devices?
Not sure about Vista,but in XP you have the mute option there

  lotvic 19:23 03 Aug 2007

First, check that the 'jack lead' is firmly plugged in at both ends
- sometimes they work loose

  lotvic 19:27 03 Aug 2007

""red circle with a line across it""

Yep, that means the 'mute' is on

  jade25 19:31 03 Aug 2007

jack lead is ok and others, checked back of pc as well and its not the same as xp, wish it was.
When right click it comes up with two devices for a better word, one it says windows and other is device and both sound is up high but mute and when the speaker icon is clicked the red circle comes on.
When l went into device manager from trouble shooting there is a button to check sound and it was low but there was sound but from there on am lost and have been round the web as didn't want to bother you again.
When l saw about mute button on web, hoped it was that as got a new pc table and had sound before it was put in then none so thought something could have got knocked,

  jade25 19:33 03 Aug 2007

when l get the windows and device up and hover with mouse it says its mute but right click and red circle with line across comes up but it doesn't then come up as mute

  Technotiger 19:35 03 Aug 2007

In Control Panel, click Hardware And Sound and then click Sound to display the dialog box, Use this Properties dialog box to configure audio playback devices, audio recording devices, and sound effects.

The Volume Control panel provides the master controls.
Use the Volume Control slider to set the playback volume as appropriate.
To mute the device, click the sound button to the right of the Volume Control slider. To un-mute the device, click the sound button again.
To adjust the speaker balance, click the Balance button, drag the L and R sliders as appropriate to set the desired balance between the computer's left and right speakers, and then click OK.

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