Please test my website (version 2 beta)

  ade.h 22:44 11 Jun 2005

After taking the Forum Ed's advice click here and biting the NOF bullet, I've managed to come up with what I think is a pretty respectable website.

click here to view the almost complete beta version, which is currently on my own webspace, but will be placed on when absolutely ready.

Feel free to give my new site a thorough test, though bear in mind that the Charter page is still waiting for its definitive content.

The only slight problem that I can find is that the headings in Courier New font are a bit too small in Mozilla. Is this because I chose the "browser fixed" version of that font? Would, say, the baltic version be better? It's fine in IE anyway.

Any constructive comments are welcome. Thanks very much for your time. 22:53 11 Jun 2005

It doesn't fit an 800 wide window without horizontal scrolling.

  Forum Editor 00:45 12 Jun 2005

for comfort - it's pretty difficult to read at that size.

You should place a copyright claim at the bottom of the pages - or at least at the bottom of the homepage.

Why have you put the site-map into a pop-up? It's irritating, and there's no 'back' button on the site_map.html page - you're left marooned there.

A few more images would be good - they always add interest to sites that have plenty of text.

To my mind there's not much point in having an index page with nothing on it - far better to amalgamate the index and welcome pages into one. Whenever I land on an empty index page I feel like paying the designer back, and simply clicking away again. Your homepage is your shop window, so why not use it as such, and showcase the business?

It's really important to check and double-check site text for typos; nothing lets a well-written page down more than careless errors. Take a look at your tariff page and you'll find this, for instance:

"Please not that some work....."

  ade.h 15:03 12 Jun 2005

Okay, that's a lot of stuff for me to work on.... As I said; very much a beta version that has been designed while the steep learning curve of NOF (and web design in general) had to be climbed!

FE - I can sort of understand your point about the index page; but am I the only internet user who likes them? If so then maybe it should go, but it'll be a shame to get rid of it.

Regarding the site map; NOF did it that way, and I have no idea how to change it! Any tips? The site map is minus links at present because I don't how to create a back button onscreen.

Text size is the default at the moment; I figured there was little to be gained by changing it until the site is viewed by other people. I find a lot of web text to be too small, so I'm not the best judge of that one!

As for images; I would like to add some more, for sure, but a) I don't want to over do it on a business website and b) I've so far only had access to NOF's own images in the theme that I chose (which is Visual Computing, I think). Finding other suitable images would be difficult for me at this stage (where to look?) and I don't have an image editor to make them opaque, like the NOF background image. That's the sort of effect that I would really like to opt for; keeps it subtle and within theme.

What do you mean by "copyright claim"?

Yes, there may still be one or two typos; I haven't had anyone proof read it yet, but don't worry, that will be done before it gets published to its own domain. I didn't have time at the weekend, and wanted to get the beta out ASAP for your perusal.

Barryoneoff - I have no idea what you're on about there, sorry. Please explain what you mean and how to cure it. It dispays nicely in both my browsers, so figured it was probably okay for formatting.

Thank you both for your valuable input. Ade.

  ade.h 16:16 12 Jun 2005

Hi, I'm back; I've changed a few of the easier bits, like the text size, but I've still got a few problems with it.

1) The new text size is displaying correctly in Internet Explorer, and yes, I have to say that it looks better. It may be a little too small now, so I am a bit worried about readability. The problem occurs with Firefox, in which the body text is the same size as before! This is in addition to the text issue that I described above. Is this just a shortcoming of Firefox, or can I work around it?

I left the text formatting on default, which is CSS. Would Mozilla cope better with HTML text? I don't know what the difference is, so I'm unsure how changing to HTML text would affect the appearance. Any advice?

2) I've put some links on the site map page, but can anyone tell me how to put the site map itself directly on that page, rather than use a pop-up? NOF created it that way, so I don't know if it can be changed. If not, I might have to remove it.

3) Regarding background images; is it possible to have, say, four different images per page instead of four identical ones? If that can't be done, is it possible to have just one image, rather than the repeating pattern of four?

Thanks for all input. 19:12 12 Jun 2005

sideways, unless you're viewing at full screen. If you want it to fit an 800 x 600 window you must make it 770 pixels wide, to allow for the vertical scrollbar.

  PurplePenny 20:08 12 Jun 2005

Not sure what you mean about the text size. I'm viewing it with Firefox and it looks very small to me. In fact it is smaller in Firefox than in IE. Browsers do display the sizes differently so Firefox, IE and Opera may well interpret your font size, x-small, completely differently.

Leave all the style, including font sizing, to CSS.

  ade.h 20:48 12 Jun 2005

When you say 800 x 600, are you referring to screen resolution? If so, that seems extremely small to me; I'm looking at a 1280 x 1024 monitor as I type this. I have my website open in a second tab right now and despite Firefox's insistence on displaying the text larger than it should be, there is about two inches of empty space to the right of the text.

If you're familiar with NOF, would you happen to know if the text area can be set to be resizable by the browser, so that it will display without a horizontal scroll bar in smaller windows? I that it is possible to prevent horizontal scroll bars with Frontpage, but NOF is still very new to me.

If you're able to take a screengrab of your browser (at your preferred size) with a typical page of my website on display, it would be a big help if you could e-mail it to me via the envelope, so that I can get an accurate impression of how my site appears in other people's browsers.

Many thanks in advance. Ade.

  ade.h 21:04 12 Jun 2005

At the default setting, which I originally used, the forum editor found the text to be too large and ugly. Frankly he was right. Even at my standard screen res, it was on the large side in both types of browser. In standard point size, it displayed identically in both IE and F'fox (for me anyway) but now that I have taken it down to -1 it looks great in IE but is still to large in F'fox!

I have to say that I have limited knowledge and experience of exactly what effect screen res might have on site display; I've always had 1280 x 1024 in a 19" screen. As I said in my response to Barryoneoff, if you are using a smaller res and/or a smaller screen, see if you can send me a screengrab via email so that I can see what you see.

I know that this anomaly isn't down to any discrepancy between my local publish and my online publish, because I have been checking it by viewing the same online publish that you guys/girls are seeing. I'm reticent to put the CSS settings back to defaults, because, as the FE said, it doesn't look good.

Ultimately, Internet Explorer functionality must be the priority and F'fox is secondary, because IE is still the most used browser.

Could you view my site again in F'fox, and then check the font size settings? I have found that F'fox sometimes changes its font size magnification up or down for isolated sites at random. It did it to me recently when viewing this forum. If my site messes with your settings, let me know and see if I can cure it.

Thanks for whatever help you can give. Ade.

  ade.h 21:58 12 Jun 2005

I have one more question! How do I edit the tags on hyperlinks? (If that makes sense). On the index page, I have placed a hyperlink on the image to go to the first text page. The tag that appears when the cursor is moved over the link states the name of the image. I would like it to say "enter the site" or something similar, or remove the tag altogether. Do I need to edit the HTML for this, and if so, how? 23:08 12 Jun 2005

still view sites in 800 x 600, even though the most popular is now 1024 x 768. NOF's default size is normally 730 wide but I always increase this to 770.

To put your own wording when hovering over an image use the 'Alt tag' in your Properties pallette.

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