Please take a look now beware its live?

  [DELETED] 17:19 06 Jan 2006

I have put all the ideas from this site together and built my little site for my wife's shop.
Could you all give me a run down how I now maximise the traffic....and a critical appraisal of its design and content of course.
Here it is
click here

remembered to put in the link this time.

  Forum Editor 18:04 06 Jan 2006

has a charm all of its own, and you've undoubtedly worked very hard at it. Go to Google and type: Afro products as a search term.
Take a look at some of the sites, and see if you can make any changes to your own - sometimes it's easy to forget about the competition, but it's out there.

You'll increase traffic by spreading the word - and getting everyone else to do the same - and by building some reciprocal links with other sites. Approach the webmasters of sites which have content that is related to yours, and ask them if they'll swap links with you. That way you'll benefit from some click-through traffic, and so will they.

Your big advantage is that you are in a fairly specialised market sector, and once the search engines find you (and they will) you'll probably be listed quite high on the search returns.

One final point - that galloping Cheetah really irritated and distracted me. If I could choose one thing to ditch, that would be it.

  mco 18:39 06 Jan 2006

it looks lovely! I have to agree about the cheetah as well though I'm afraid. I see you built it with NetObjects 8- good one!

  [DELETED] 19:37 06 Jan 2006

bad spelling, punctuation and grammar - my pet peeve!

Regarding promotion: if you could find details of any ethnic community groups who would be interested in your products, send them a leaflet through the post. Targetted marketing is the most effective.

  [DELETED] 19:39 06 Jan 2006

Whoops, how embarassing - my keyboard's shift key didn't quite work at the start of my first sentence... There's irony for you!

  [DELETED] 23:24 06 Jan 2006

I have downgraded the unliked cheeta, but dont wont to loose it entirely, he has been with me so long.
I have tweaked the catalogue.
And I have gone through the spelling with a fine tooth comb, but I refuse to substitute Zee's for S's in summarise etc.
I didn't even know Spell checkers, checked punctuation, until I took closer notice. I thought they were pulling me up on anglicised names and foriegn words that are not in Websters.(That is an American dictionary aint it?) You live and learn.

Point taken fourm member (How can he pull me up on spelling?) I had taken your advice earlier,but had not rechecked the entire site, thanks for the close scrutiny, I am obviously not a scholar, but can take it that slack spelling and punctuation detracts from the appearance.

Many thanks for the time and trouble....will report back when I make my first sale...and bore you all sick.


  Forum Editor 23:44 06 Jan 2006

but you asked for a critical appraisal, so that's what you'll get.

That Cheetah may have been with you for a long time, but to site visitors he's a real pain. What with him loping along at the top of the screen and the Zimbabwean flag fluttering in the middle of the homepage it's difficult to concentrate on the content.

Visitors shouldn't have to try hard to concentrate on content - it should be made easy for them. Forget how attached you are to your cheetah, you aren't the person the site has to please - your first consideration should be your audience, and you must try to see your pages through their eyes - you're too close to it all to be objective.

All that may sound as if I'm being unreasonably fussy about a tiny detail, but believe me, it's the tiny details that make the difference between a visitor being on the site for ten minutes or ten seconds.

Ditch the cheetah and the fluttering Zimbabwe flag, they're unncessary and irritating.

  [DELETED] 23:58 06 Jan 2006

I will remove never mentioned the flag before?
I can see what you are saying and take heed of it honestly.
Thanks again for the "knowing" eye.

  Forum Editor 09:03 07 Jan 2006

Wonderful - the site looks calmer straight away, and now people can relax and concentrate on reading.

I'm sure you won't regret it. You could always put a static flag there.

  Forum Editor 09:13 07 Jan 2006

I've started editing your text. If you're interested, email me from this thread, and I'll start sending you some Notepad files, so you can paste into the pages.

  mco 10:01 07 Jan 2006

Yes, agree again- now your wild animal's loped off and your flag's stopped waving! I repeat though; I do like the colour scheme and style.

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