jg1990 16:48 14 Feb 2004


I have just redesigned my site due to the advice from other forum readers.

So please could someone rate it.

click here



  PurplePenny 17:12 14 Feb 2004

That looks so much better. Well done, it looks far more professional now.

One small thing - it still has the motto " Home of great value web products". I'd be annoyed if I were StreamlineNet; that's still awfully similar to their motto.

"We have been one the market leader in web products since early July 2003" - I assume that should read ".... one of the market leaders ....". Is the statement true?

The background is coming up as my default colour (the second site on here today to do that!). What colour should it be?


Apart from that it is a great improvement.

  jg1990 17:43 14 Feb 2004


Thanks for your reply. I have changed the motto and changed the statement.

The background colour is white.

Many Thanks


all that effort to improve your site (and a vast improvement it is) then you shoot yourself in the foot with your client's (inkjet consumables) site which is dreadful. Maybe you could consider giving them a free update if you are going to use it as an example of your work.

  PurplePenny 20:33 14 Feb 2004

It's only showing up as white for the home page. On the other pages I'm getting my system colour - which is a shade of purple as you might guess.

I'll go and try it in Mozilla to see whether this is an Opera problem.

  jg1990 20:36 14 Feb 2004


I am just updating inkjet consumables uk as i type. I am also the director of Inkjet Consumables so it is also a priority to me!

Many thanks for replies.


  PurplePenny 20:46 14 Feb 2004

Ignore that - my brain isn't functioning very well today (too much Valentine's Day chocolate).

The background is white when viewed in Mozilla but in Opera and IE it is my system colour. The main text has a white background but not the two side boxes and the surrounding spaces.

The new motto is better than the old one and the new statement is good :-)


  IClaudio 22:41 14 Feb 2004

On the Web Site Designing page, you have a small typo: 'Then designer then suggests ...'

And maybe the Clients link should open in a new window?


  Forum Editor 00:10 15 Feb 2004

the site's a big improvement but............
one of the most important things to do when you've finished designing a site is to leave it for a day and then, just before you publish it to the server, check the whole thing, page by page with an eagle eye.

When you do that you'll spot things like this:

"100Mb of websapce—You will receive 75Mb of top quality web space provided by our excellent new servers"

Apart from the misspelling of web-space, is it 100Mb or 75Mb?

See what I mean? Proof-reading is very important, because it's so easy to make mistakes. All of us do it when we have been working hard and we get so close to something we miss the obvious.

Good luck with your site - I can see you've worked hard to improve it.

  jg1990 02:48 15 Feb 2004

Thanks for all you replies.

I have updated my sites according to your tips.

I have totally redesigned my Inkjet Consumables UK site, I am aware that one of the pics on the home page isnt loading, click here.

Thanks again for all your replies, I couldn't have done it without you!!

Many Thanks


  jgosden 12:57 15 Feb 2004

WOW, i remember saying recently how much work needed to be done with your site and am impressed with what you have bee able to do. Its SO much better and actually there are many businesses that don't have a website as good as that. WELL DONE and keep it up!!!

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