Please save me from this virus code: 127_0_0_1

  Londoner1 07:47 28 Jan 2006

Help!! Save me from 127_0_0_1

This is a sort of virus code. There is a dot between each two groups of numbers like 412.0. 2.11 but I have put underscores just in case. This code goes into the place of my incoming e.mails through my ISP and sends back each e.mail comes to me. The address of my incoming e.mails is like this: incoming mails: Whenever I put back, this virus code always comes back and takes over the place. I used to receive over 50 e.mails a day but now I don’t get anything. Please help!!!

  john-232317 07:57 28 Jan 2006

Dont know anything about it, but someone will help. Apparently it is the IP address of the localhost click here

  Diodorus Siculus 08:07 28 Jan 2006

It's not a virus; more like an anti virus program.

What anti virus program do you use? It is making changes to your mail program to check for the presence of a virus in incoming mail.

  Forum Editor 08:16 28 Jan 2006

and are you running a personal web server on your machine?

  Mikè 08:23 28 Jan 2006

Are you using Outlook Express? also list your anti-virus and are you using a spam filter?

The number that you mention is not a virus, but is altered to enable your av and or spam filter to work.

  PaulB2005 08:39 28 Jan 2006

Agree with Mikè - various anti spam programs such as McAfee use the "loop-back" address to run the Anti Spam software.

Basically instead of Outlook Express getting your mail it now directed back to you own PC at IP address and it'll find the Anti Spam software. The Anti Spam software will then get your mail, sort it and send it on to Outlook Express.

I would stop changing the incoming server name from and see if it fixes it.

If not, tell us what anti virus / anti spam software you use and we'll see if we can guide you to fix the problem.

  Londoner1 04:05 29 Jan 2006

Many thanks for your kind replies.

Mcafee spam killer was the source of the problem. After I removed it, my e.mails started to arrive again.

My operating system is updated winxp and I use Mcafee Internet security suite 2005 ver 7.0. My ISP is This McAfee Spam Killer has been on my computer for over 6 months without problem. I noticed the problem a few weeks ago when I tried to read my e.mails. Instead of getting my e.mails as usual, I got the message to insert my user name and pass word.
I followed the instruction but it didn't work. So I went to my e.mail set up starting from e.mail tools, account, mail, property and server.

At server point, I have incoming mail(pop3): and outgoing mail(SMTP):, i found has replaced infront of incoming mail(POP3). I removed it and put back After that, the problem disappeared. But afew days ago, the problem came back. This time no matter how many times I removed it and put back, it always came back as soon as I closed set up windows. It is interesting when I clicked to remove McAfee Spam Killer at add-remove of control panel, the computer froze for a while and every thing went grey.

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