Please review my WordPress website

  diy 12:33 04 Aug 2013

Hello, having had a go with Dreamweaver and Serif Webplus I have now produced a website using WordPress to show some of my photographic efforts. I have no knowledge of code or how it works but have learnt (slogged!) from reading the installation instructions (surprising!) use of Google and trial and error! I have only seen it on IE so would welcome any comments on how it looks on other platforms, if it works and any suggestions for improvement. Thanks

  ethelbert 10:52 05 Aug 2013

We can't review it without you giving us the URL of the site. ;-)

  wiz-king 16:45 05 Aug 2013

Looks fine on Chrome.

I dont like the font you have used but thats my personal preference, I dont like the look of the 'l' in galleries.

  diy 18:18 05 Aug 2013

Thanks for the replies, perhaps I should have pointed to the site like this The fonts are all from default settings at the moment, that will be something to look at later. As long as I know it works on other platforms or not slow in loading. One of the photographs was a winner in the recent PCA photo competition.

  ethelbert 18:25 05 Aug 2013

Having just lost my response, I'll be brief. I thought that the photos were excellent and well displayed. I thought that you have too much white space but that may be because you have just started? Anyhow take a look at this Wordpress website which seems not to have loads of white space and is a good layout.

click here Computer Tips and Tutorials]1

1]: [click here


  Forum Editor 16:54 06 Aug 2013

"perhaps I should have pointed to the site like this"

No, you included a perfectly good link in your opening post. I suspect that ethelbert didn't spot it.

  diy 22:58 23 Dec 2013

Been busy on my website added some more photos, toned down the white background and generally found my way around Wordpress, still not easy though! Any more comments welcome. Merry Christmas!

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