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  tarpleyc 04:55 26 Sep 2009

Hey guys. I have recently redid my website. I would like some honest reviews regarding layout, readability, load time, Navigation along with the resolution and browser you are using and how it looks. I would also like to know what you think would spice it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you dont like it that is fine but I am looking for constructive critiqes. Just let me know what you think needs to be changed.

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  Taff™ 06:27 26 Sep 2009

Just a quick look and the first think that strikes me as I flicked through the pages was that you need to standardise the fonts and their sizes. For example you are using Times New Roman on the Home Page but a mixture on Computer Repair Services. On Data Recovery the last two paragraphs are too small. Suggest you get away from Times altogether and go for Arial or Verdana.

I notice that the text only fills two thirds of the page horizontally - a lot of wasted white space and similarly at the bottom of most of the pages - perhaps you have done this deliberately to leave room for expansion or images but at the moment it looks sparse. Suggest you either create a consistent two column layout or use images to give the page some balance horizontally.

Your picture needs to be placed in line with the text and horizontal space defined to get away from the adjoining text. You should be able to do this in image properties - perhaps add a small 5 pixel border as well.

It would be interesting to know how you are creating this website. Are you doing it on-line through a template driven hosting service?

  Taff™ 11:38 26 Sep 2009

fourm member - Just tried in Firefox at 1024 x 768 screen resolution but I don`t see the split in Computer Services however you`ve hit the nail on the head I think - absence of a chosen font and making the layout suitable for all browsers.

  Forum Editor 13:39 26 Sep 2009

that fourm member has said, I noticed that there are quite a few text errors on your site.

"Computers are Computers are an intregal part of life" should read " Computers are an integral part of life"

"We strive on building one on one relationships with each one of our Clients." Would be better as 'We strive to build etc...' or 'We thrive on building etc. .......'

"video's" should be 'videos'

The plural of 'virus' is viruses, not virus'

"...quit responding like it use too" should read 'quit responding like it used to'

"We will do a thorough diagnostics of your system"

would be better as 'we will run a thorough diagnostic check on your computer'

  Jollyjohn 18:28 06 Oct 2009


On a linux machine using Firefox the bottom navigation bar is not displayed properly - "privacy policy" extends out of the shaded area.

The "Computer Services" box does not display completely. Having a look at the source code it appears to be created differently to the other boxes.

Overall a good page which when tidied up will look very good.

About the coding for the page - I would use more spaces, empty lines and comments to help when you go back to edit it.

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