Please Recommend Wireless Setup.

  southpaw 20:23 13 Apr 2005


I'm new to networking so I really would appreciate some help and advice.

I currently have a Centrino Laptop and a PC.

I have just ordered Tiscali Broadband and would like to set up a wireless network.

1.) What equipment can you recommend? Am i correct to think that I only need a Router and a PC card? As the laptop is wireless ready.

2.) Will this cause any delay or slowing of the broadband? or is good equipment the key?

3.) What sort of prices should i be looking at and any recommended supplier?

All help and advice greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

  raeman 21:08 13 Apr 2005

Like you was new to this but bit the bullet last week and set up a wireless network fitted a Network interface card (NIC)to the PC and bought a 3COM wireless ADSL router from Dabs (about 60 quid) set up no problem works great you will find as i did several manufacturers and everyone has their own opinion/experience of what's good. As for speed it's as fast as it was .Good idea is to check manufacturers websites as i downloaded user guides before i started to give me an idea before i fitted it.

  raeman 21:19 13 Apr 2005

Forgot to add also connected laptop , fitted a wireless card to it and it worked no probs AND its running Windows ME!, works all over the house and has stopped fights with teenage daughter about who gets on the net(2 of us at same time and speed is fine).

  southpaw 21:26 14 Apr 2005

Any others?

  TomJerry 09:31 15 Apr 2005

D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbp Wireless ADSL Router w/DWL-G122 USB Adapter £64.57 click here

  The Kestrel 12:52 15 Apr 2005

If your desktop PC is situated close to a 'phone socket, don't waste money buying a wireless card. You can simply hard wire the PC to the router with an ethernet cable - much cheaper. If your modem is a USB type, it will not connect to a router, in which case you will need to buy a combined modem/router for your network.

  georgemac © 13:03 15 Apr 2005

click here I also recommend the d-link kit, have fitted 3 of them now with no problems at all.

As the Kestrel say's, you can hardwire the router to the PC, or you could use the usb adaptor to connect to the router if your pc does not have a network card.

  southpaw 21:44 15 Apr 2005

Thanks guys, I think I'll go for the D-Link but firstly I'm a little confused with what Kestrel said in regards to "If your modem is a USB type, it will not connect to a router"

I'm not sure what modem I will get from Tiscali but if I buy the D Link would I be plugging it into the phone socket and discarding my modem or plugging the modem into the phone socket and then the D link to the modem???

  southpaw 21:50 15 Apr 2005

Just been looking at a few reviews. Is this true??

"On top of these problems the router emits a constant high pitched whining noise, its loud enough that you need to switch it off before it drives you crazy"

  georgemac © 21:50 15 Apr 2005

you will not need the usb modem supplied by tiscali - the router has an adsl modem built in.

Still worth keeping the usb modem from Tiscali in the unlikely event you have a problem with the router.

  Strawballs 00:52 25 Apr 2005

I have a Linksys wrt54g wireless router (no good for you as it is not USB connection have cable broad band) but there is no sound at all the only time that I have awitched it off was yesterday when I bought a new work station and had to re-route cables.

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