Please recommend a Website program

  VNAM75 13:53 04 Feb 2008

I've never created a website before and want to have one for the family photos and one for an online shop.

There was a thread (which I can't find now) that recommended web easy pro (not sure if thats the correct name) and net objects fusion 9 or 10. I've read good reviews about net objects.

Is there a free trial for these 2 programs? What other good website software is there?

  CodeMeister 14:27 04 Feb 2008

It all depends on which technology you wish to use.

If you're going down the Microsoft route then have a look at the free Microsoft Visual Web Deverloper 2008. click here for details.

If you're going down the PHP route then you could simply use Windows Notepad or something like Eclipse (click here for details).

In any case, I would strongly advise that you invest in a good book on CSS in the first instance.


  VNAM75 14:42 04 Feb 2008

Thanks, but I don't want to go down the developer route. I just want a good program that can create websites. I want to be spending most of my time designing the front end of the site ie. the grahics, boxes etc. Would I need also to learn a programming language?

I thought these packages did all the coding for you. I eventually want to be able to build a database into the site. I've heard mysql is normally used which I don't have any experience of, but I am familiar with databases ie Access.

Whats the difference between the microsoft and php?

  brundle 16:21 04 Feb 2008

Bookmarked. Good links

  ajm 16:49 04 Feb 2008

Have a look at Web Page Maker click here

Its a good, simple to use program to allow you to create simple websites

  Kemistri 17:38 04 Feb 2008

"What's the difference between Microsoft ASP and PHP?"

PHP is the open source server-side scripting that the world at large uses. It is supported by virtually all hosts and most coders can use it. ASP is another example of MS's unique way of doing things. While perfectly adequate, it is not universally supported, relatively few coders bother to learn it, and many hosts do not support it. Those that do usually charge accordingly.

  Kemistri 17:44 04 Feb 2008

And if you want use software to build websites, please do yourself (and all your potential visitors/customers) a favour in the long run by adopting software that can produce standards-compliant, bug-free, legacy-free markup. Read books about CSS and PHP. Learn client-side scripting, but use it sparingly. Learn about accessibility standards.

  CodeMeister 17:58 04 Feb 2008

Microsoft ASP.Net is very widely used and highly acclaimed. I personally much prefer it to PHP, especially because there is just so much information out there in the form of tutorials.

ASP.Net is a "proper" compiled language, whereas PHP is essentially just a scripting language like the old "Classic ASP".

ASP.Net uses strongly typed variables whereas PHP uses variants.

ASP.Net has security already built in (FormsAuthentication).

Visual Studio and the free Visual Web Developer are excellent programs for developing ASP.Net projects.

ASP.Net has "Master Pages" and "Web User Controls" to allow you to construct websites by putting together prefabricated "building blocks" without causing problems with variable naming clashes.

I think ASP.Net is an excellent system.

  Patr100 19:27 04 Feb 2008

While knowledge of the various technologies is certainly useful as you go deeper I really think it is compicating matters far too much for sonmeone who may only want to start out making a simple website with a WYSIWYG prog. such as NetObjects or perhaps Kompozer It's all very well seasoned coders etc to say learn CSS and PHP from the start etc but these are complex languages.
If VNAM75 has "never created a website before" then diving into PHP or net with even having dabbled in plain old HTML really is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut -

Rant over.-


  Kemistri 21:03 04 Feb 2008

CSS is a very simple language - anyone who finds it complex should probably find something else to do with their spare time. An understanding of HTML and CSS ranges from important to pretty much essential -- whatever software you use -- to the production of a good, bug-free, cross-platform compliant, standards-compliant, and accessible website. Which is what all websites should strive to be.

Some basic proficiency with markup and style helps every designer, even with the simplest of projects. Without the basic knowledge, how can you debug to fix problems? How can you add features that your software does not add for you? HTML knowledge is very important and very easy to obtain in a matter of days.

If VNAM75 has ambitions to run a database driven website, he will need to have some broad understanding of them, regardless of whether he writes the code himself. I would not recommend that he takes on the task of building and managing a database driven website.

  Patr100 21:18 04 Feb 2008

CSS etc is "simple" for you because you are experienced and spent time with it. Maybe doesn't want to spend he "spare time " learning it. Let's start with the basics . Aside from the possibility of working with databases later . He asked for a Program. He has not designed a site before. For a working photo gallery and shop he need not necesaarily , as he has indicated he doesn't want to, learn PHP. ,.net or SQL. Specialy when he/she hasn't any experience of HTML.

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