Please Read this even though it may be Boring

  €dstowe 19:09 28 Jul 2005

Regular on here will most likely cringe at me rabbiting on yet again about this but, It really does need bringing to people's attention.

There are a number of threads current that would most likely not be here and not causing the originator any problem at all if they had carried out the simple expedient of having a backup.

A full system backup of your computer in a working state provides a lifeline to you when the inevitable happens and your machine goes base over apex (or however you would like to phrase it).

There are numerous threads on here and elsewhere about backups and how to do them - just do a search.

PLEASE, PLEASE, anyone who doesn't have a backup


Don't think it won't happen to you - it will. You are just fortunate that it hasn't happened yet.

I had a machine that took a funny turn a few days ago and Windows refused to load. Rather than mess around trying to rectify the problem with that installation, I just installed the backup I had and, within half an hour, everything was back to how it should be.

  ade.h 19:23 28 Jul 2005

Wise words.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 28 Jul 2005

Cringe! Shudder!

Thanks for reminding me I've not backked up for awhile.

  seedie 19:36 28 Jul 2005

Tales abound of people losing years of work because they thought it wouldn't happen to them - don't let it happen to you.

For a few quid you can get a memory card/reader to store your essential infomation i.e. how much my 15 yr son owes me :) etc.

XP Pro will do a backup of today's work at shutdown if you know how.

Follow Edstowe's advice do yourself a favour.

So endeth today's sermon.


  jack 19:39 28 Jul 2005

You are not boring - in all walks of life -timely words of wisdom go unheeded- until it all happens to them. Then Oh my - dont our ears get a bashing.

The easy thing about all this is with common use of external drives - one does not need complex back up programs- useful though they are- I for example
back up at the end of every session by the simple expedient- of transferring images and word to itentical folders on the XHDD. and there they sit.
Periodic tidying up of duplicated duplicates perhaps
but thats, it.
If and when [When being the operative work I am in the middle of a rebuild to 64 bit]it all goes blah
all I have to worry about is reloading programs.

  stalion 19:43 28 Jul 2005

Iv'e read it and it's boring but good advice that has been placed on here many times and still they forget

  €dstowe 22:40 28 Jul 2005

Just moving this up the page.

  woodchip 22:45 28 Jul 2005

Create a IMAGE with a Program Like Ghost, or True Image and you can defeat VIRUS and MALAWARE in ten minutes. By a restore of the IMAGE. This is better that XP Restore as it can be on another disc or disc's like CD's or DVD's

  cyberphobic 22:48 28 Jul 2005

I've just bought a 160GB external HDD, my home network comprises 4 desktops and 3 laptops(part wired part wireless) Is it possible to set the external HDD up as a network resource which all users can back up to? If so what is the best way of doing this?

  VoG II 22:52 28 Jul 2005

Dead boring €d.

I used to make backups onto 250 MB zip files but didn't always follow my routine.

I have now invested in an external hard drive plus Norton Ghost. Ghost is set to create an image once a month plus an incremental backup once a week. If I were to loose anything in between it would be tough - but it is only a home PC after all.

On my work laptop I have copies of all my shared drives to work on locally. I copy all changed files to the shared drives via a VPN connection at the end of each day. The shared drives are backed up by our system daily so hopefully this is a reasonably secure way of working. Fingers crossed.

Good post €d.

  woodchip 22:54 28 Jul 2005

As above use one of the Programs. I use Acronis True Image. If you have Problems you can restore the Image, you should also make incremental backups of Docs etc. If the Image program cannot see the other drives when you create a backup IMAGE still make one then drag the file to the Computer you want to save the images on, But if you are working in this Environment you need at least two backups, in case one fails.

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