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  marneygirl 20:23 19 Aug 2006

having so much problems with setting 2 computers up at my mums for my 2 boys,they have a computer each,my eldest got his for xmas and me and my mum got tiscalli up and running,anyway my other boy had one for his birthday on the 21st july and as of today he still dont have it set up
the tiscalli modem which they provided is only an adsl modem and will not let 2 plugs go in ie: an ethernet to connect a router and the phone line so that is where im stumped,i brought a router thinking it will work but cos the modem has only 1 slot it does not work,i phoned them again this morning wanting help and he talked a load of computer stuff that i do not know he went to speak to whoever to see what other modems they do and he come back to say they do not have modems that will allow a router to it,so he told me i have to buy an ethernet modem so i said ok well i have just tried to look for one but everytime i think i might have found one it says a load of words i do not know about so not sure if it the right thing to buy i am well and truly confused and very unhappy cos all i want to do is set both computers up and then my boy can finally have his birthday present up and running.
does anybody know anything about what ive have just written or are you all as confused as me

below are the details to what i have from tiscalli.

Plug and surf!

With the SpeedTouch 330, surfing the Internet becomes a whole new experience. Just plug your modem into the USB-port and let the fun begin.

This modem combined with the Universal Serial Bus interface of your desktop or laptop computer offers a true plug-and-play installation.

The SpeedTouch USB is the ideal solution for residential customers and telecommuters who want to use high-performance applications but can't afford to spend hours configuring their system.

There are 2 filters included with this product.


Who can use this device ?
The SpeedTouch 330 provides ADSL access in the same style as a traditional modem. It is simple to install and supports the following operating systems:
Windows 98SE/2000/ME & XP

What's Included ?
SpeedTouch 330 USB Modem
1 x 1.5m RJ-11 Cable (To connect to the phone socket)
1 x Quick Installation Guide
1 x Driver CD
2 x ADSL Filters

What's Good ?
Stylish Design
The best just got better
WHQL certified driver
Mac OS X reliably supported

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  FelixTCat 22:04 19 Aug 2006


The modems that are provided free by ISPs are only capable of connecting one pc to the internet. If you want to connect a second pc there are a number of different ways, but if the 2 pcs are close together, the easiest way is to obtain an adsl modem router with 4 ethernet ports.

This device combines the adsl modem, which connects your system with the internet, and a router which connects the modem to your pcs and your pcs to each other.

These devices are not expensive, e.g. see here click here and you will also need 2 ethernet cables to connect the router to each pc.

You will have to put the Tiscali connection username and password into the router, which then connects to the internet. When you switch on each pc it will be able to connect to the internet straight away.

Hope this helps.


  marneygirl 22:24 19 Aug 2006

felix thankyou very much thankyou.
am gonna order that 2moro morning and see if i can do it,cant believe you have answered my question so easy,my son will be so happy if this works and i will over the moon :) i will post here to let you know how i get on.

thx again felix your a star


  FelixTCat 22:41 19 Aug 2006


When the modem router comes, please read the instructions carefully TWICE and then go through step-by-step, checking that you have done each stage right before moving on to the next step.

Then everything will work just fine.

Regards and good luck,


  marneygirl 22:50 19 Aug 2006

i will read the instructions probably 10 times :)
i really want and need this sorted and will be a happy bunny if this stress is finally over.

thx again felix


  dms05 11:04 20 Aug 2006

Sarah - I've just installed the WiFi version of the ADSL Modem Router FelixTCat told you about. The ADSL Modem Router part is very easy to install. The instructions are brief and not too complicated. If you know your Username and Password all will go well. Don't forget you will need at least 1 extra ethernet cable (known as a patch ethernet NOT a crossover etherent) for your second PC. Order one long enough to reach the PC, the one included with the Router will be a about 3 feet long.

If you have a problem start another post on this forum under the Network section. Users are very helpful.

  Forum Editor 11:10 20 Aug 2006

that the excellent advice you've had from FelixTCat is with regard to a wired ADSL router - which means that both computers must be connected to it by cable. That's fine if they (the computers) are close together, but if they're in different rooms you'll either have to run a long ethernet cabe from the router, or get a wireless router and wireless network adapter for the second computer (the first one will presumably stay connected to the router).

I don't want to confuse you, but it's important that you understand this.

Wireless routers are very easy to set up, but there's no point in getting one if both machines are near each other and the router.

You'll receive one ethernet cable with the router, and you can use the one that currently connects your modem to the first computer.

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