Please Please help LOOK!!! i dont know whats happe

  User-3D04C183-FD2E-499E-AA2BEBCA3F7B7B3A 11:06 09 Feb 2008

sorry this is quick i have a major problem right i think i know what it is i have a program thats blocking it so far, i think it is li9ke a virus i think it says
path: C/windows/system32/PMKHI.DLL i have been looking on internet and cant find anythin i think its serious please please reply as soon as you can thanks

  johnnyrocker 11:10 09 Feb 2008

a very unhelpul title and stop panicking.explain more fully ie your os and pc specs have you run an av check? if so what were results?


  johnnyrocker 11:11 09 Feb 2008

click here=


  birdface 11:31 09 Feb 2008

Someone with the same here It is probably best if you go to the Malware Forum sign up.Download HJT from them and post it for them to sort out.It takes a few days but they will clean up your computer for here

hi i have XP and i have scanned my pc with AVG but it didnt find it

  mfletch 14:35 09 Feb 2008


Download and run SAS Superantispyware,

Do a full scan,

SAS/ Free version/

click here


Thanks i will be back around around 5 oclock i will post what it does then thanks for help

  tullie 14:45 09 Feb 2008

Dont worry about time,this isent a live chat room.Let us know how you get on.

  Stuartli 17:14 09 Feb 2008

thanks guys all sorted now thanks :)

  peter99co 20:51 09 Feb 2008

What did you do to fix the fault in the end? This is like reading a book and finding someone has torn out the last page

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