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  Holographic_man 10:23 27 Feb 2003

Were should I begin. After useing my pc for over two years without a hitch I switched off my pc just before lunch thur last week, I switched on my pc and hey presto it would not boot (system disc failure please insert disc and press enter to run.

I went into the bios and checked if hdd was their and nothing, tried manual and auto detect nothing set all to default exit tried to boot same error.

I thought this was strange, so time was not on my side I took pc down to local pc fixit store they had it for 5 days and at the end of it after many checks said that it was the HDD.

Now I went out and bought a Maxtor 80gb hdd and as I was at it bought XP home, thought I would do the job of new OP as well took it out of the bag connected it up and hey, you are right same error, Phew

I checked all the wire's plugs everything even took it down to just the power to Mobo nothing else pluged in, not even the floppy and still the error,now this is the funny thing I here you saying how is it he is here now, well I does boot up now and again as I am now sitting here. I have check windows 98 and nothing is wrong here, I have also insalled XP home on a partition off this drive and that intalled no problem

Can it be the bios? is it the HDD? am I going around the bend (yes) I have spent 10yrs in IT and I am somewhat frustrated. please help

System: Abit KA7-Raid mobo 40GB Fujitsu 7200rpm 512ram 850T athlon chip Matrox 450G G card loads more bits, win 98se plus win XP home


  BrianW 10:27 27 Feb 2003

try fdisk /mbr - may be a corrupt master boot record (virus or other source).

  Holographic_man 10:32 27 Feb 2003

Brian, surely if other HDD's dont boot up (I have tried 2 others by the way) fdisk wont really help!

  MAJ 10:32 27 Feb 2003

Another thing that springs to mind is a faulty IDE connector on the motherboard.

  jazzypop 10:56 27 Feb 2003

You have tried changing the IDE cable to the HDD?

  froggg 11:40 27 Feb 2003

you may have a virus-try a good checker,I also have read that windows 98se has problems with big h/d's.try changing jumper from master to c/sel or vice versa.try clearing cmos-jumper or remove battery.

  BrianW 14:08 27 Feb 2003

Sorry - brain in neutral - I mis-read the problem as one hard drive giving the problem. Reading through again it appear to be an intermitent fault, same disc/OS booting sometimes but not others? In which case I tend to go with MAJ and jazzypop re a faulty IDE cable / connector. One other possibility, could it be a dodgy power connector? Can you try connecting using another 4 pin power lead (assuming you have a spare).

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