Please Please Help, BT home hub problems

  bubblerrovers 23:17 23 Jul 2008

Have set up Home hub, Works fine with my laptop can get internet access no problem, Trying to connect my pc which is where my problem is, Have brought a cat5 ethernet cable which runs from the back of the bt home hub to back of the pc, Little pop up says local connection is cinnected, tried running Disc in welcome pack but when get to the tests, it tells me the connection between hub and computer is fine, When testing connection between Hub and BT total broadband it fails. Have fitted ADSL filter etc all correctly but still no joy, Aghhhhhhh

  brundle 11:13 24 Jul 2008

Unlikely to need the CD if you're connecting via cable, did you try to access any webpages regardless of what the setup CD reported?

  bubblerrovers 13:55 24 Jul 2008

Have tried but can't get internet at all, i have just moved house and had a wireless router attached before and went through virgin broadband, are there settings i need to change?
thanks for responding

  brundle 14:01 24 Jul 2008

Is the desktop PC running XP?

  bubblerrovers 20:55 24 Jul 2008

Yep xp

  brundle 21:00 24 Jul 2008

With the cable connected, go to start menu/run and type


press return

A new Network Diagnostics window will open;

Click `Set Scanning Options`
Tick the following entries in the lower half of the list;

Domain Name System (DNS)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Default Gateways
Internet Protocol Address

Then click `Scan Your System`

Which of the tests results in a pass?

  bubblerrovers 22:05 24 Jul 2008

Hi Brundle thanks for this,

Did what you said it did very quick tests, now have a screen saying modem and network adapters

Dns Servers 0000000001 Broadcom NetXtremeGigabit etherntet

Default Gateways: same as above
DHCP servers: blank
IP Adress: same as Dns Servers

  brundle 22:10 24 Jul 2008

That appears to be correct except the DHCP server ought to have a small + next to it, click that and it should have an entry mentioning Broadcom and an IP address - the IP of your Homehub, same as the Default Gateway and DNS servers entries - is that not the case?

  bubblerrovers 22:19 24 Jul 2008

Hi, nope it's blank,

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