yorkieval 14:59 24 Mar 2003

Hi, I have just formatted my hardrive going by the instructions from a site called JM support. Everything seemed to ge going ok and I have done everything regarding backing up etc. Now when they told me to insert the windows start up disk that I had made prior to formatting, it seemed to be working ok and lots of things were coming up on the screen then stopped at A:\>. The problem is that the instructions the site gave me didn't mention this and I dont know what to type in here to get it moving.....I am sorry about my terminoplogy here but I know very little about computers....Thanks in advance Val....

  Legolas 15:05 24 Mar 2003

What operating system are you putting on to your computer?

  pepe 15:05 24 Mar 2003

What OS are you trying to install?, its really quite easy and you will get all the help you need here.

Regards Pepe

  yorkieval 15:07 24 Mar 2003

Hi Thanks for answering me so quickly,, It's 98SE....

  Bazz2000 15:15 24 Mar 2003

Just put in the windows cd. It should autorun and pretty much do everything its-self from there. Or at the a:\ try typing.

  PC Advisor. 15:15 24 Mar 2003

Hi yorkieval,

Sorry to hear you've run into a few difficulties. But could you possibly use a title for your posting that more accurately describes the the nature of your problem. That way we can get help to you more quickly.

  yorkieval 15:20 24 Mar 2003

PC Advisor, sorry about that....
Bazz. I have already put in the windows CD along with the startup disk and it still sticks on A:\. what is it that I should type after the a:\

  spikeychris 15:22 24 Mar 2003

Why do you want to use a startup disk after you have formatted?


  pepe 15:23 24 Mar 2003

Okay that's easy. I hope that the drive has been partitioned okay, put the startup disk in the floppy and start up. You will be presented with some options, choose "start without cd rom support", when you get to the A:\ prompt type " FormatC: /s" without the qoutes, this will install the system files. When this has finished leave the startup floppy in place and turn of the computer and restart it, this time choose "start with cd rom support", make a note ot the temporary cd drive letter (usually E) and at the A:\ prompt change to this drive by typing E: and hitting return, when you have the E:\ promt place your windows 98SE disk into your cd drive and type "setup.exe" without the qoutes and follow the prompts as your os installs.

  spikeychris 15:24 24 Mar 2003

Have you actually formatted the disk? you say you have but somethings not quite right..

Post back and you will get sorted..


  yorkieval 15:26 24 Mar 2003

Thanks Pepe, I am off now to try it. I will be back in 5/10 mins and let you know what happens.
Spikey, I put the startup disk in because the instructions from the site I mentioned told me to.....Thanks Val

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