Please, please can any one HELP ME!! To Add New Hard Drive to Dell Deminsion 4600

  Shikaree 18:55 08 Oct 2011

Hi there

Please, please can any one HELP ME!!

I have my daughter’s Dell Dimension 4600, Model DMC, MTC2. I’m trying to Install a Second hard Drive. No matter what I do the Computer Boots up but does not Recognize the Second Hard Drive. Both hard Drives are IDE.

Ok, this is what I have been doing. My main option is to reinstall Windows XP Pro OS to the New hard Drive 250GB. It came with an 80GB. It has to recognize the 250GB Hard Drive before I can do anything at all.

The Original 80GB Hard Drive had the Jumper as Cable Select. When I put in the 250GB Hard Drive I made it the Primary Slave -Jumpers – Dual Slave . The 80GB I removed the Jumper from Cable Select to Dual Master. Both are Western Digital. I checked them with the Western Digital, Quick Install Guide that came with an earlier Boxed Western Digital Hard Drive.

Connected the Dual Drive Ultra ATA/66/100 Cable. This came with the Machine. Blue to System Board. Black to Primary Master and Grey to Primary Slave.

Hooked everything up, started the Dell Dimension. WOW!! It Booted up OK. Checked My Computer. The 80GB old hard drive as Primary Master was showing but not the 250GB Slave. I go into Disk Management. Surprise! Surprise!! The DVD/CD drive was showing. Wait for it. I couldn’t believe it. Both hard drives were not showing!!

I have moved the Jumpers to both Cable Select – Both not showing in Disk Management.

Moved Jumpers – 80GB back to Cable Select as Primary Master and kept the 250 as Dual Slave with Jumpers as Dual Slave as above. Connected Dual Drive Cable same as above – Master Black. Slave Grey. Hooked up the computer. Booted up Ok. Same Results – 80GB in My Computer showing. Not 250GB.

Disk Management same results – Both not showing.

Then I moved both Jumpers to Cable Select. Booted up OK. But exactly the SAME results in My Computer and Disk Management

Does anyone have a DELL Dimension 4600 and succeeded in adding another Hard Drive. To that machine. Please HELP me.

Oh yes, the 250GB does not show in DELL BIOS at all. Shown as OFF.


  northumbria61 19:25 08 Oct 2011

Follow these instructions carefully enter link description here

  Shikaree 19:33 08 Oct 2011


Thanks for your prompt Reply.

I shall read through very carefully and follow Instructions.

Wish Me Luck. Keeping my Fingers Crossed'

  johnnyrocker 19:38 08 Oct 2011

one post about a problem usually results in a correct answer avoiding confusion with another posting?


  retep888™ 01:24 09 Oct 2011

Go to the bios setup by pressing F2 then check the Drive Configuration option information.If you see the infos of Primary Drive 1 is off as below:

"Primary Drive 0: Displays primary hard drive 0. The default is Auto

Primary Drive 1: Displays primary hard drive 1 (if installed). The default is Off "

Change it to ON.

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