suburban train 23:46 24 Feb 2004

I have just received this email, I have not opened the link or anything as i am scared what page might be opened to me. The english is very poor which makes easy to see its fraud:

From : Citi-bank [email protected]>
Sent : 25 February 2004 11:30:08
To : Abol [email protected]>
Subject : citi_bank Email Veerification - [email protected]

_Dear Citi Client_,

This Letter was se-nt by-the Citibank servers to
veerify _your E_MAIL adress.
You must cepmolte this posercs by clicking on_the link
beloww and enteering in the litle window your Citi_Bank
ATM/Debit full card-nummber and PIN_ that _you use in local ATM Machine.
That is done for-your poetrction -T- becaurse some of our
members no lgenor have acecss to their email adeedssrs
and we must verify it.

click here

To veerify your _e-mail_ adress and _access_ _your_ CITI_bank
account, clik on the link _bellow_.


why do people do such a thing? If i did submit my details i would have money niced out of my accout would i not?!

  Giantsquid 23:55 24 Feb 2004

Another Scam just delete it, and thanks for the warning

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:58 24 Feb 2004

Interesting form of spelling.


  woody147 00:05 25 Feb 2004

Yep, your money would be well and truly niced.
I agree with knowledge boy, the english is very poor.

  curlylad 00:37 25 Feb 2004

I have never seen such an obvious con in my life its bordering on laughable.The links you gave , can't you inform the Police or other such authority of such an attempt to defraud ? I don't know how these things are supposed to be dealt with.Do we just do as Giantsquid suggests and just delete it so they can move on to the next unsuspecting victim who might not be as 'street wise' and send their details off to these scumbags.What is the usual form of action taken , perhaps the FE would like to comment on this ?

  Mango Grummit 07:21 25 Feb 2004

For anyone to believe all this then they would obviously be too stupid to even learn how to switch a computer on, never mind how to use it, so on that basis I guess it's harmless.

  Stuartli 09:01 25 Feb 2004

A link for reporting such scam e-mails has been posted in the past in the forums - perhaps someone remembers it and can re-post?

As curlylad points out, anyone taken in by such nonsense deserves it....

There's another bank one doing the rounds, purportedly from MNBA, which operates credit card accounts for financial institutions and on its own behalf.

Again the Delete button is the first port of call even if you do have an MNBA based product - no bank asks for such information in this way.

It's also another reason for ensuring that Internet Explorer's Preview Pane is permanently disabled to ensure that any viruses etc aren't inadvertently let loose.

  Rennaissance 13:30 25 Feb 2004

to me it seems like a big joke someone trying to play. That english is very funny.

  Stuartli 13:52 25 Feb 2004

These scams are old hat must have heard, for instance, of the Nigerian 419er?

But the poor souls keep trying it on - there's always a fiddle where there's money and there's always a fool and his/her money soon parted.

  Stormpool 13:52 25 Feb 2004

I wonder whether the english is like that to try and avoid junk filters which try to find specific words/phrases used.

  Audeal 14:03 25 Feb 2004

Hover your pointer on the link and take a look at the address being used. Is this a genuine address or is it a fake. I don't think I have ever seen an address quite like this one, but maybe I am wrong.

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