please for the love of god help me!

  lizipants 14:52 20 Mar 2005

im looking to set up a network between my desktop and my laptop as i want to use the laptop in the other room for the internet for when my daughter is sleeping. but i have no idea what i need to do this, so many different websites have told me i need different things so i dont know what im supposed to be buying. i dont want to splash out to much and i dont want anything to fancy just something to allow me to access the net from another comp but wireless if possible.
if someone could tell me what i need ASAP i would be very very grateful!

lizi xxxxx

  selfbuild 15:48 20 Mar 2005

You have two choices which are the wired route or the wireless route providing that you have broadband....

Wired route: choices are direct cable connection (the cheapest) or by using a modem/router (more expensive)

Wireless route: You need either a wireless modem/router or a wireless router (depends on whether you have cable or ADSL) and wireless PCMCIA card for the laptop (if it hasn't got a built in wireless card)

  Forum Editor 19:40 22 Mar 2005

a title that was more descriptive of your problem lizi - you would get more help that way.

I note that you would prefer a wireless setup, so you'll need to get a wireless router and an adapter for your laptop, as selfbuild suggests.

If you have an ADSL broadband connection via your phone line you would be better off buying a combined modem/router. This would enable you to use the laptop without the need to have the PC turned on. As far as the laptop is concerned, if it doesn't have a built in wireless adapter you need to buy one - either a PCMCIA card type, which fits the slot already there on the side of the machine, or an external USB type, which you simply plug into any available USB socket.

I tend to recommend Netgear routers to wireless network beginners - they are very easy to set up and configure, and are reliable in operation. The laptop adapter can be any make, there will be no compatibility problems.

Come back for more advice as and when you need it.

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