Please look at my website!

  The Geek 16:38 25 May 2004


I have made a forum kindof like this one to help people with computer related issues!

Find it at:
click here

You only need to register if you want to post!

The first few to register will also get the moderation spots!

I hope we can create a helping community just like PC Advisor.


Nice, well laid out. Great colour scheme,

good to see that you are keeping it relatively simple in terms of the number of categories.

I must say that I dont understand why you dont make the jump to 'Paid for' hosting from the very beginning so that you can get control of the advertising. If you sign up for google adsense it's bound to cover the cost of a hosting package.

Anyway I wish you luck with it, you're jumping into a very very crowded arena but if you can get the ball rolling you could do well. It's a great start.

  Gaz 25 18:03 25 May 2004

I was supprised what google pay actually for adverts, running them on a few of my sites now.

  Gaz 25 18:07 25 May 2004

Yeh, I got to agree. Nice layout.

  Pesala 19:47 25 May 2004

This is a bit mean though:

"We do not support the advertisements on this page. We have not chosen the displayed adverts. Please do not click them."

That might even get you in trouble with the web host. Why not say something more like,

"This site needs to be paid for by advertising. We do not endorse any particular product and are not responsible for the content."

  Gaz 25 19:50 25 May 2004

Proboards will not like the sound of that if they see it. Your almost stopping business for them, since they provide a free service.

Thankfully I dont see any adverts at all, I have a blocked hosts file, and google syndication is blocked, so I just dont see it anyway.

  Forum Editor 23:13 25 May 2004

that your exhortation not to click the ads on your site will go down very badly with Proboards when they see it. You agreed to accept the advertising when you installed the free version of the Proboard forum - it's the revenue they get from advertising that enables them to continue to offer it.

  Taran 23:31 25 May 2004

"This is a free service provided that our advertisements are found on all user pages. We also offer an paid ad-free service. Current ad-free rates will be posted on the Provider's Web site or message boards."

That is from the PROBOARDS.COM - TERMS OF SERVICE page.

Since you're using a well designed and implemented product it seems reasonable to either pay for the ad-free version or remove anything that could be viewed as an attempt to obstruct those ads that are displayed on your site as part of the terms of use.

We could argue that it is open to interpretation to some extent but I know I'd feel a little put out of you were using the end product of many hours of my programming, only to actively try to discourage the advertising links that may (stress the word may) go some way towards generating a return.

A politely worded disclaimer, as has been pointed out above, is not only more appropriate, it is certainly leaning a bit more towards reasonable, free use of an excellent forum product. It seems only fair since you're not paying for the product to begin with, or its hosting.

Good luck with your recruitment drive though.

I'd say that your criteria for moderators should perhaps extend beyond those who were first to register. First come first served was never that great a recruitment selection process ;o)

  comcraze 09:03 26 May 2004


  tomleady 09:45 26 May 2004

very nice. well laid out and the colours are smart.

so well done. good luck with it all.

  HyperDude 10:02 26 May 2004


Thanks for the tips.

I have altered the bit about adverts, thanks for the tip I didnt realise it was a violation to ask people not to click them, I just though it was if you were obsructing them.

Anyway its sorted now.

Thanks alot for the feedback.


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