please insert a disk into drive A ?

  xalemo 19:50 16 Jun 2003

Hi guys,
A new one for you.
I have bought a new case, nothing fancy, I am selling my computer. I took everything from my old case and put it into the new one. And it looked ok.
I have just bought a wireless mouse + keyboard.
As I was trying to install the drivers, my floppy is buggered. When I put a floppy in, it does not see it and returns the above warning.

I tried various floppy, another cable, with a spare floppy drive, checked the connections, uninstalled drivers for the floppy, disabled and re-enabled the drive, checked it was seen fine in cmos and it is, load optimized default...
When I double-click the drive, the light comes up, only then, it's not like it's on all the time.
What else would you suggest?

  Pesala 20:22 16 Jun 2003

Sorry! You're obviously not brain-dead. Just my idea of a sick joke.

  hugh-265156 20:33 16 Jun 2003

normally the cable can only be connected one way.but have you checked its the right way round?

  xalemo 20:36 16 Jun 2003

I tried putting the cable the other way round and get an error 40, disk fail.
lol @ Pesala

  xalemo 21:25 16 Jun 2003

I have just tried clearing cmos to no luck.
any more ideas guys?

  hugh-265156 21:37 16 Jun 2003

is it listed ok in device manager.

when you say drivers for the floppy?windows should have drivers for this.

you have also tried another floppy drive.if it does not work it could be the mobo.

  hugh-265156 21:38 16 Jun 2003

is it set in the bios as 1.44?

  xalemo 22:33 16 Jun 2003

I tried refitting the culprit and I push the floppy in and maintain with one finger it sees but asks me to format it, all floppies. And as it would not be funny if not, it cannot format it, "Windows was unable to complete the format" and the drive is making a helluva noise. I bought a cheap case and it seems to be related, drive is not just straight in it, i try again

  xalemo 22:45 16 Jun 2003

problem solved, if I stick my finger in it and behaves better, then the drive might not be properly fitted. I took it out and refitted it and now it is fine. 2 problems solved today!

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