please help,windows took ages to start up

  habs 07:32 26 Apr 2006

hi everyone

please i need your help.

Yesterday, Tuesday 24/4/2006,i formated and reinstalled windows xp sp2 ,with all the update from windows update.

the problem: everytimes i want to restart windows it tooks me ages specially on (welcome screen)to start up about 3 minutes on welcome screen all it took me about 5 minutes to restart my pc.

please is there anything to restart my pc faster than should restart much faster.

thank you so much for your help in advance

My kidest regards

  rawprawn 08:48 26 Apr 2006

Go to Start/Run/type msconfig hit enter and then click on the "Start Tab" have a look at all the programs listed to start, are there any "Odd" ones or programs that don't need to start?if so untick them and reboot your machine

  strech 08:58 26 Apr 2006

look for a program called ijack this its free
you will be suprised at the amout of programs
running on start up

  fleamailman 09:12 26 Apr 2006

Time to use your "runbox" to clean your computer,
(all these steps are done with the run box then)

Run Box
find and press the keys; the Windows flag botton and the R botton together(up pops the runbox)
(all these steps can be simply done by typing commands in the run box then)

Step1 deleting the prefetch files
type, or cut/paste this to runbox: prefetch
press: enter
(the prefetch folder opens)
press: Ctrl botton with the A botton(select all is the same)
press: shift + delete botton(deletes with prompt)

Step2 disc clean up
type or cut/paste this to runbox: cleanmgr.exe
choose drive(normally C: but comps differ)
press: enter(this process can take a long time)

Step3 disc defragmenter
type or cut/paste this to runbox: dfrg.msc
press enter(this process can take a long time)

Step4 checkdisk
type, or cut/paste this to runbox: chkdsk /f /r
press: enter( black window appears)
press: Y botton
press: enter
reboot the computer(this process is the longest, worse the screen may be lost before hours later the computer arrives at the welcome screen)

Step5 download: clean up.
click here
run: cleanup

Step6 Start ups
(Important!!! If you are now giving a hjt log to be seen by the malware removal teem here, do not do step6 yet)
type, or cut/paste this to runbox: msconfig
press: enter
mousemove to: start ups
keep; antivirus related and wanted entries
google: unknown entries
disable: ones you know are unneeded.

Good, although this has taken you a long time, I think your computer will thank you for it.

Ok, you might want to defrag a second time now. and deleting the prefetch won't gain you performance but sometimes there are ophaned entries there, and some people say leave the lay out file in the prefetch, me I just delete the whole contents of the prefetch folder.

  habs 07:25 19 May 2006

hi everyone

please i need your help.I am still having this problem.I remembered this happened when i just finished installing windows xp sp2(before installing any update).

I formatted windows xp so many times,this is the first time that happened.before i formatted the pc it took me about 2 minuted for my pc restart,now it took me about 8 minutes,without been able to go to desktop.8 minutes to the microsoft logo with dote during start up saying:(microsoft windows xp)with the dot.

when the pc start up it runs normally no problem at all.The only problem is the times it took to start.

I have done all the option with:(rawprawn,strech,fleamailman)nothing helped,

I was even to reformat windows xp,maybe this will fix the slow speed during start up.

Can you please help me.

Thank you so much for your help in advance

My kindest regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:50 19 May 2006
  habs 20:56 19 May 2006

hi there

thank you for your quick reply.

i will try tommorow to use what it said in those pages and let you know later.

My kindest regards

  bellababy 21:32 19 May 2006


  habs 06:59 29 Jun 2006

i would like to thank you for every help i received from you.

this what happened about my problem: i bought another hard disk , set it by jumper to slave,because i want to use it only as back up, restart my pc,format it.

When i restart my pc later within 1 minute,it goes straight to desktop.

to be honest : what happened i have no idea how does it work?

thank you again

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