Please help:What network allows 1 or more host

  lana_01 17:31 22 Apr 2009

Hi Everyone

I'm a first year student studying IS. I can't seem to find reliable information for this question: What network has one or more host computers?

I know its either LAN, peer to peer, client/server or WAN, but I can't be sure. I've agonised over this for hours and I still can't figure it out. This is my thought process:

What is the true definition of "host computer"? Does "host computer" = server, or are they only similar?

I know "peer to peer" and "client/server" are the two different types of LAN, and that WAN is a large collection of LANs.

If host computers are servers, then that includes all of them right? So then that would be LAN or WAN?
If host computers are similar but actually not servers, then the answer is peer to peer?

Thanks for reading this. Any help would be deeply appreciated^-^


  brundle 19:41 22 Apr 2009

I would say peer-to-peer. LAN or WAN are related to scale, the relationship between individual machines is not relevant to the question, not in the way the terms client/server and peer-to-peer are.

  Tech Guy 19:52 22 Apr 2009

A host is an end users comnputer

A LAN ( local area network) is a collection of hosts that are connected together (with switches/routers) to share files/appliactions/printers etc.

A WAN (Wide Area Network)is a collection to networks connnected together over large distances ( e.g. the internet, a corperate WAN ( connecting offices together in different cities).

peer to peer network is where two or more hosts shares files/printers etc. but each host looks after it's self.

Client/server is where resources and permissions centrally looked after.

Hosts CANNOT be a server and vice versa.

A server is a powerful/reliable computer which all the network is ran from, e.g. domain control, printer control - every resource on the network the server looks after the permissions for the resource, e.g. Say hostA is not allowed to access the printer but hostB can.

Hope this helps, even if a bit.

  Tech Guy 19:57 22 Apr 2009


What network has one or more host computers?

Simply - Any network, as a network has to have more than one computer to make it a network.

  splatter 14:11 23 Apr 2009

A host to me is any machine that can store a file for transfer.

Weather that be a music file on my laptop or an application install file on my PC on my LAN at home, or databases on the server at home!

In terms of LAN and WAN, what would you clasify it as if I connect over VPN to work? A distance of 30 miles, I would certainly say this was then a WAN (Wide Area Network)! See the paradox?

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