please help,so confused about graphic card spec

  habs2habs 06:17 15 Jan 2010

Hi everyone

please i need your help

my pc specification:

-intel Quad core Q6600
-nvidia 640mb 8800gts graphic card
-direct x 10.1
-windows vista home premium,and windows7

-3 internal hard disks:
-( vista,
-2.windws7, backup)

-2 dvd drives
-3 12in internal fans
-6 usb interface,connected all to different periferal(all in one printer,2 external hard disk as well

please i need your advice and i am so approaciated.

Thank you so much for your help n advance

my kindest regards

i would like to upgrade my graphic and processor,because i think my psu 400watts is not up as powerful as well brand such(corsair,antec,thermaltake,etc..)

i am thinking ati(5770,or 5850)

i am playing a lot of games a lot such(call of duty1,2,3,4.unreal tournament3,far cry2,halo1,2.sharpshooter,medal of honor,rogue trooper.crysis,crysis warhead,tom clancy's vegas 6)

i am so confused about the specification of graphic card,such:
-750 or 850:core
-4800 MHZ:memory
-GDDR5 memory

what does all these specification means,please?
-where do i look,if i want a graphic card for playing game,and watch movies,so confusing?

which psu do you recommend me for these graphic card(ati 5770,or 5850)

  GaT7 14:35 15 Jan 2010

"i would like to upgrade my graphic and processor,"

Processor is fine, only upgrade the graphics card. Don't worry too much about all those figures. Instead read a few independent reviews with benchmarks.

The HD5850 is considerably better than the HD5770, but so is the price!

If you go for the HD5770, then a Corsair 400W like click here with 1x PCI-E connector for £40 will be fine.

The HD5850 will require a PSU with 2x dedicated PCI-E connectors, & I'd get this Corsair 550W one click here.

Let us know your motherboard & PC case's brand+model. G

P.S. If you think you'll be running 2x of the above cards at any time in the future (dependent on your motherboard supporting CrossfireX), then get the Corsair 550W (link above) for 2xHD5770 & an Antec 750W click here for 2xHD5850

  donki 14:43 15 Jan 2010

Both the cards you are looking at will play anything that is out today on high settings. The 5 at the start indicates the generation of the card, which is the latest generation. the next number being 7 or 8 indicates the level with in the generation and the 7 or 5 indicates the leverl within that level. Its all very confusing but the first 2 numbers are most important IMO.

Both cards you are looking at will give roughly the same performance.

To be honest the system you have should be able to play most of the games you list on high settings, apart from Crysis which will play at medium to high settings. I have the 8800gts 640 and I play alot of COD Modern Warfare on 1080 resolution everything on high and I dont have a problem.

Why are you wanting to upgrade? Are you haveing any problems?

The 400Watt PSU shouldnt really be used to run your current setup, the 8800gts should have no less than 500Watt, plus you have a Quad core, multiple HDs and media drives which will use more power, Im surprised you PSU is still running TBH. I have a 600Watt PSU but if you were buying I would go for a 750Watt branded one

  donki 14:46 15 Jan 2010

Apologies Crossbow is correct about the cards giving different perfomance, the 5850 is top of the range I got confudeled trying to explain it all.


Are you not surpised his PSU is still attached to the case? A 400Watt running all that?

  GaT7 14:52 15 Jan 2010

"Both cards you are looking at will give roughly the same performance."

Errm...then why is one almost double the price of the other?!

"I have a 600Watt PSU but if you were buying I would go for a 750Watt branded one"

The quality of the PSU & the +12V rails are usually a lot more important than just the wattage. As an example, this 425W Enermax click here will be as good as most other 600W PSUs. And one doesn't have to overdo it with respect to the wattage either.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was using a Dell system - their PSUs are quite underrated & can easily output considerably more than their humble figures suggest. G

  GaT7 14:53 15 Jan 2010

Sorry, didn't refresh before posting! G

  donki 15:02 15 Jan 2010

I must confess PSU specifics is something i need to read up on. Just wondering why then on components such as GFX cards and CPU's wattage is the only thing that seems to be refered to, is this just seen as the rule of thumb?

  habs2habs 12:38 16 Jan 2010

hi everyone

i would like to thank you all for your kindness reply i received from you.

sorry my mistake typing processor instead of psu:

I am not going to upgrade the processor,i am going to upgrade the graphic card and psu.

The pc from (packard bell),motherboard model:
p5n E sli.

to be honest i don't know the pc case name and model:

this is the link from packard bell website about the case:

click here

but my model number:ipower 9099(but the same case as above)in the link provided.

the psu model(fsp group inc 400watts),model number: FSP400-60hln

yes i am so lucky.with all the,dvd drives,internal hard disks,and external hard disks,all in one printer installed nothing happened to the psu.

there is no problem with my graphic card,just i would like to upgrade,to be able to play games with very definition.

i will sell my old graphic card 8800gts in amazon when i buy the new one.

but the ati newest graphic card 5770,5850 has only 128mb memory.

I found the information about the graphic card i already have,this is the link:

click here

what do you think,please,in relate of games and watching movies,i know the newest graphic card a lot faster,is it worth upgrading?

i hope to hear from you very soon,as you always did.

have a very lovely weekend all.

my kindest regards

  GaT7 15:32 16 Jan 2010

Thanks for the info. I needed the PC case details to determine if it was a regular full sized case - i.e. not slim/low-profile.

Another thing I'd like you to do is to measure the space from the back panel to the front or hard drive cage - a pic for better understanding click here. The 5850 card is 9-10" long & I'm trying to determine if it'll fit OK with the PCI-E connector plugged in at the front of the card.

FSP make quality PSUs, so no surprise there that it survived your components. But you'll need to get a better one for the GPUs suggested, especially for the 5850. My earlier PSUs suggestions still stand true.

"but the ati newest graphic card 5770,5850 has only 128mb memory."

Actually both have 1Gb memory each. G

  habs2habs 17:48 16 Jan 2010

Thank you so much for your reply,you have been so kind and helpful.

It is midi case ,i am sure,not tower case.

Please give me sometimes,i will measure inside the case ands will let you know.

My kindest regards

  AL47 20:37 16 Jan 2010

it should fit

ive just had a corsair 850W arrive for my new build..
5 yr warranty

it was a shade under £100 delivered [plan on going crossfire with 2 cards in future]

the card you want if you can afford £219 is the 5850 [its dx 11 too] and is the best mid-high range card [ive done my research]

ie got a link i used
click here

better than the 285 of the same price and sufficant to run the most demanding game on HIGH graphics!

hope this helps

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