Please help...odd laptop problems

  canti 00:15 19 Dec 2005

i accidently spilt some water on my laptop...i know...idiot.anyway i took all the necessary precautions eg waiting for days...and it didnt work so i sent it off to be repaired.They found it needed a new motherboard and keyboard which they fitted and sent it back...i didnt include the hdd as i needed to carry on a web design project on my other pc.

Now i have it back, i have put my 80gb hard disk back in and it didnt work,so i attempted to format it and re install XP, but just after the setup has copied the files to the hard disk and the machine reboots it cant find it...It shows up as a secondary master in the bios.The odd thing is i put in a 20gb hdd instead and it shows as a primary master.Does this sound like a compatibility issue?? Also,the battery no longer holds any charge...

Any ideas would be much appreciated.Its an Advent laptop with 1.5 GHz centrino, 768mb ram, 80gb toshiba hdd.not sure what laptop has been put in?

thankyou in advance for any help,


  AndySD 03:08 19 Dec 2005

click here and have a look. Did you set the drive to slave when using it on the other pc?

  canti 13:25 19 Dec 2005

Thanks Andy, it was set up in a usb caddy,remaining as a master...

The odd thing is that it registers on the laptop as a secondary master, then when i put a smaller drive in that registrs as a primary master even though they are going into the same slot...i even tried partitioning the larger drive, but i think the replacement mainboard cannot handle that capacity drive.The other odd thing is the battery...i guess the mainboard falls short there as well..

thanks for your time,


  Pamy 16:01 19 Dec 2005

canti. I think I would have a word with the repair company if I were you.


  canti 18:19 19 Dec 2005

i have spoken to the repair company (which are really nice to deal with) and they confirmed they only replaced the mainboard,which had nothing to do with the battery.Also it is odd but i think the usb caddy has damaged my hard drive. It damaged a previous one, but this one appeared to be fine.anyway as the mainboard can see the other hdd i tried and not my main one i think its a dodgey disk...

thanks for the replies,


ps the secondary master was always the dvd drive (the fact that theyre made by the same people fooled me!)

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