please help,my pc is too slow

  habs2habs 15:11 01 Apr 2013

hi everyone

please i need your help.

10 days ago,i formatted and re-install windows7,64bit.

install all the windows update including SP1,everything is up to date in windows update.

install all the programs(internet security,,updated all the software and the hardware,everything is up to date

the problem is my pc is too slow,i have a lot of programs included disk defragmenter,example; -system mechanic(used defragmentation,and fix the registry error, from this software) -system utilities(again used the defragmentation software), -smart defrag -deflagger -0&0 defragment

i used the CC cleaner to fix the registry error and clean my pc from the registry error

i used the defragmentation software once at a time.

example:if i have a folder and i want to (rename it),i right click on that folder,(Than),a blue circle come up and kept turning,and turning,for about 2 minutes,than i can rename the folder finally.

this blue circle getting on my nerve.i got so annoyed.

i went to window task manager,in process tab i saw (system idle process):description:percentage of time processor is idle,is using 95% from the processor.can i stop this (system idle process) by pressing end task.

please i am really getting fed up from this problem,honestly i am thinking to re-format the the hard drive,and re-install everything from scratch.

do you think this will solve the problem(i don't want to do that)

My pc spec:

intel quad core 4GB memory sapphire vapor-x 5770(up to date) windows update is up to date,including SP1

can you please help me make my pc a lot faster,and please how to do that?

i hope to hear from you very soon.

my kindest regards habs

  wee eddie 16:08 01 Apr 2013

Well, to start with you can get rid of all but one of you Defraggers, then have only one Anti Virus Program and one Firewall.

Keep CCleaner and something along the lines of Malwarebytes or Superantispyware.

I think that Security overload is your problem.

  spuds 16:49 01 Apr 2013

If you can, name in order the protection and security programs you have installed on the computer.

  spuds 16:53 01 Apr 2013

I should have added, 'maintenance' programs as well. You have already stated that you use CCleaner, are there any more, including defragger's.

  Ian in Northampton 18:13 01 Apr 2013

Jock1e: I'm not sure Device Manager shows a yellow exclamation mark if it thinks a driver needs updating - only if it's missing, surely? And, in any event, an out of date driver wouldn't cause a system to run slow, would it?

  woodchip 18:36 01 Apr 2013

Don't have any of the programs you use only CleanUp one free AV Avast rest windows 4 Pc's that's two desktops one HP Notebook and a Samsung Netbook all running XP Home these are not new and I do not have your problem's

  habs2habs 21:03 01 Apr 2013

hi everyone

thank you all for all the help i received from you.

My pc keeps crashing,and freezing,with the (blue circle),keeps turning and turning.

I can't go to (device manager),because my pc keeps freezing and crashing,with the blue circle keeps turning.which doesn't allow me to go to device manager.

those are the program i have:

-only kaspersky internet security 2012. -advanced system care ultimate(i just found out this software has antivirus) -smart defrag -auslogic defrag -tuneup utilities 2012 - anti-malware -super antispyware -malwarebytes anti malware -ashampoo win optimizer 10 -IObit malware fighter -system mechanics

as i said before,i used one defrag software one at a time.

I went to (start,right click mouse my computer),than it froze and nothing happened,after waiting 20 minutes.

what do you think i can do please?

I hope to hear from you very soon My kindest regards habs

  woodchip 21:22 01 Apr 2013

go into safe mode by tapping F8 as pc is booting. then in run type msconfig, go to startup tab and disable all, other than kaspersky then restart PC a box will pop-up tick the little box bottom left corner of the message then see how your PC starts Runs

  Terry Brown 21:45 01 Apr 2013

The chances are that everything is try to run at the same time- A lot of programs put their own file on the start-up, so when you start the machine up, all the programs are competing for resources.

Download and run STARTER.EXE, this works like MSCONFIG but is more user friendly.

Have a look at the programs that are in start up and untick them all, Disconnect your modem and restart your machine. This should now start up a lot faster.

Re-start Starter and add one program at a time until you find the problem.

Remember you only need ONE defragger and ONE Anti-virus program.

Problem: It seems to have disappeared from the Internet- Does anyone know where to find it?, or a similar program.

You can also do this from RUN : MSCONFIG : STARTUP

However this is not as friendly and you have to remember what you ticked/ unticked yourself.


  Woolwell 22:52 01 Apr 2013

After a format and reinstall of W7 then you shouldn't have needed to defrag. I also hope that you are not trying to defrag an SSD.

You stated "i used the CC cleaner to fix the registry error and clean my pc from the registry error". What registry error? I have a feeling that all of the programs that you have been running have caused a corruption. If nothing else solves it then another reinstall may be required and then after that with only Kaspersky running.

Regarding Kaspersky you may well be able to get a free update to the 2013 version.

  habs2habs 09:14 06 Apr 2013

hi everyone

thank you all for every help i received from all of you.

nothing worked:

i uninstalled all the defrag software,but kept:

System mechanic:(this software have everything:defrag,registry fixer,optimizer etc...),CCleaner,advanced system care ultimate.

i run my pc in (safe mode):as mentioned with Woodchip reply,still nothing worked,my pc still so slow,and keeps freezing and crashing.

this is example what is happening:

i have external hard disks,when i go to windows explorer,i can see all my external hard disks,when i (right click) on the external hard disks,to rename file or folder,or back up my files to (cloud storage),i have some cloud storage software(mega,adrive,google drive,just cloud),my pc froze and the (rubbish blue circle) keeps turning and turning,i really have had enough from this (blue circle)kept turning and turning and i am really thinking to reformat and re-install my pc.

i don't want to do that,but if i have to fix this problem,i would do that.

i have acronis true image 2013,and i already full backup my pc with acronis,

-do you think if i use acronis to restore my pc will fix the problem?

i hope to really hear from you very soon.

thank you so much in advance

my kindest regards habs

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