please help,my pc can't see hard disk

  bibo1465 22:51 10 Aug 2006

hi everyone

Please i need your help.

I have 3 hard disks inside the case:C: drive windows xp.
H: drive: back up hard disk only, without any operating system.
D drive: another hard disk back up as well.

When i go to my computer,i can see only C and H drives,not the D : drive.

I went to computer managment,by right click on my computer-manage-computer managment,i found out that computer managment saw the hard disk D: drive.
it says about the D: drive: new volume (45%) free
233.76 GB NTFS
healthy (active)

I went to Bios as well,again bios saw the hard disk.

I even opened the case, maybe the main plug of the hard disk is loose,but it wasn't,everything was ok.

Can you please help me solving this,and thank you so much for your help in advance

My kindest regards

  johnnyrocker 23:25 10 Aug 2006

have you checked device manager?


  billyliv 00:38 11 Aug 2006

Hi, as you have 3 hard drive one must be on the same ribbon cable as your CD/Rom (DVD/Rom) unless, as in my case you have a PCI IDE controller card installed. If it is on the secondary ide controller check your jumper settings or try swapping them around. ( Only a guess). Cheers, Bill

  Jak_1 00:39 11 Aug 2006

Hm! 3 internal hard drives! Just how are they connected? Has the D drive been formatted?

Outside of a RAID ARRAY I have not seen 3 internal hdd's in a pc before, or have you slaved it to the cd/dvd drive? More info on the configuration would be helpful.

  Jak_1 00:40 11 Aug 2006

Forgot about that billyliv, not many peeps do that.

  bibo1465 06:49 11 Aug 2006

Hi everyone
Everything is working perfectly well,the pc is working normally,except for this problem,my computer cannot see the D: drive hard disk.

for johnnyrocker:no i haven't tried device manager,i will have a look and let you know.

billyliv:on IDE1:2 hard disk

pci card installed inside the case to install the 3rd hard disk through IDE2 connected through IDE cable

jak_1:this is the configuration:
IDE1:2 hard disk:c and H: drives
IDE2: another hard disk through PCI card connect by IDE ribbon cable.

to be honest i don't know if the missing hard disk from the IDE1 or IDE2.

how can i know that?

Thank you so much for your help in advance

have a very lovley weekend all.
my kindest regards

  gazza38 08:48 11 Aug 2006

I also have three internal HDD's,although they are all SATA's.I have more connections for another SATA and IDE 1 (2x IDE HDD's).So a total of upto six HDD's, if I so choose.
I had similar problems as yourself, with one of my drives not being recognised, when I cloned my 250GB (main C XP drive) to a 300GB.
I solved this by connecting one HDD at a time and then rebooting in between each new connection.I think this was because the bios had trouble auto detecting my new arrangement.
I now have 300GB C, 300GB D, 250GB E.
Note I reformatted my original 250GB C, so I don't have XP loaded on two drives and changed the drive letters.
I also used Acronis to aid my arrangement and create a regular image of my main drive.I highly recommend Acronis it is easy to use and can reload my drive image in 16 mins.

  bibo1465 22:00 11 Aug 2006

hi everyone

thank you for all your reply.i appreciated so much.

I just found out as well the device manager,recognize my hard.only My computer doesn't.

I have acronis true image,i created an image in seperate hard disk not the C: drive just in case something happen in C;drive, i don't to lose everything.

This what puzzle me,my hard disk is recognized with(device manager,bios,computer managment) but not in (my computer).

I even tried to use system restore 5 days before,when my pc restarted,a messag systyem restore incomplete come up.

Can you please help me.

My kindest regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 12 Aug 2006

If seen everywhere but MY computer then check:

in Disk management right click drive select properties - what file system does it show? NTFS or FAT32?

has the disk been set to non sharing in another account? Disk management right click drive select properties - sharing tab (check in all accounts)

TweakUI click here run and check there is a tick in the box for all drives on thr PC.

  billyliv 00:06 14 Aug 2006

Hi, If you have a PCI IDE card installed you shouldn't have to connect to the onboard IDE controller. The additional hard drives connect straight to the PCI card. I have had 6 hard drives connected this way. Cheers, Bill

  bibo1465 22:45 14 Aug 2006

hi everyone

thank you everyone for every help.


On IDE1:dvd rom and dvd writer
IDE2:2 hard disks.
on PCI card:third hard disk,using IDE cable from hard disk to pci card.

I just found out that this problem was caused by (norton GO BACK)rubbish software.

I installed norton systemworks 2006 premier.(includin (go back)

When i restart my pc when i finished installing norton systemworks,immediately i had an error from norton (go back) about my MBR.

I uninstall (go back) it took me 1 and a half hour,to unistall norton (go back),unistall norton systemworks 2006 premier.

Reinstall norton systemworks,without (go back),useless software, i found out the problem have cause by (norton go back).

I wrote to symantec technical support,explaining what happened,this is the reply i got from them:

the technical support misunderstood me,i installed 2006 version not 2005.


Thank you for contacting Symantec Online Technical Support.

I understand from your message that you have installed Norton SystemWorks (NSW) 2005 with Norton GoBack and you have uninstalled Norton SystemWorks (NSW) 2005 with Norton GoBack and once again you have installed Norton SystemWorks (NSW) 2005 without Norton GoBack.But you are unable to find "D: drive"on your computer.

Please note that this issue may be caused due to the remnants of the uninstallation of the Symantec programs.In order to resolve this issue,
I suggest you to remove all installed Symantec programs from your computer using SymNRT tool. Please be informed that SymNRT is a Symantec removal tool which comprehensively removes Symantec programs from your computer. Please refer to the instructions mentioned in the document linked below for further assistance to download and SymNRT tool:

Title: 'Using the Norton uninstall tool'
Document ID: 2005033108162039
> Web URL:
click here

Note: Please note that running SymNRT.exe tool will remove all the Symantec Programs installed in your computer. Also, I suggest you to download and run SYMMSICLEANUP.reg and MSIFIX.bat as mentioned in the document provided above.

Next, I suggest that you try to remove the changes that are made by Norton GoBack in the Master Boot Record and check for the issue.

Title: 'How to remove changes that GoBack makes to the boot sector and partition tables of a computer'
Document ID: 2001092611363307
> Web URL: click here?

Once this is done, you can install Norton SystemWorks (NSW) 2006. But before installing your Norton program, I suggest you to prepare your computer and then install the program. This should clear off the problems that you have been experiencing and restore your software to a stable, functional state. For further assistance, please refer the steps provided below:

-Prepare the computer:

I recommend that you prepare your computer for a successful installation. To prepare your computer please refer to the document in the link provided below.

Title: 'What to do before installing your Symantec programs'
Document ID: 2004090914191713
> Web URL:
click here

Note: To install your Norton program, please refer to "Step 5: Install your Symantec product" mentioned in the above document and select the appropriate document to install your Norton program.

In case you are unable to follow any of these steps from the site or need further assistance, please email us back and we will gladly assist you further.

This what happened to me<i need to uninstall norton systemworks and norton internet security by using removal tool from norton,than reinstall everything back on,without (go back)

I will do this on friday,because i don't have broadband now i am migrating to another ISP.

god night everyone.

thank you for everything

My kindest regards

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