please help.i am new user about samsung galaxy tablets

  habs2habs 13:21 13 Jan 2013

hi everyone

please help.

i am new user about samsung galaxy tab2 7.0 WIFI.

i use london transport every week day,and i would like to use,or the internet from my tab.

i know i can only use,or the internet when i am overground,but how?

How can i connect to the internet.

in my tab i have slot for micro sdcard,do i need to buy Dongle,and if so which one is the fastest one and not so expensive?

at my work,i can use our WIFI,only i need to use the internet outside example:in the park,in london transport,etccccc

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs

  SillBill 13:52 13 Jan 2013

The easiest way, if you have a Smart Phone, is to go into Settings>Wireless and Network settings and scroll down to see if you have"Tethering and Portable Hotspot" if you do then click on Portable WiFi Hotspot to create your own personal WiFi Hotspot. Don't forget to password protect it to prevent all and sundry from using it!

Posted by SillBill

  john bunyan 13:54 13 Jan 2013

My granddaughter has a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7". It is WiFi only so you have to be in the zone of a hone or public wifi hotspot to use the internet. She uses it primarily with a separate keyboard to do work at college then plug in at home to a PC, as well as music etc.

  SillBill 13:58 13 Jan 2013

The info above refers to your Smart Phone's "Settings" not the Tablet's,

Posted by SillBill

  SillBill 14:05 13 Jan 2013

Another point to remember is that all Data charges are going to be to your phone account, it is NOT FREE unlike logging in to a public WiFi Hotspot.

Posted by SillBill

  habs2habs 15:28 13 Jan 2013

Hi everyone

Thank you all so much for your quick reply I received from you quickly.

I have smartphone Samsung note N7000, with Vodafone network, with 500MB usage per month.

And I have sky account with unlimited broadband.

Sky have app called: Sky cloud wifi

I can use this app with free internet depends of the area and how strong the signal is.

I just found out about this app today.

I do not know about this app, I will use it and let you know.

What do you think about this app, if you have any idea.

Again thank you so much for your help.

I hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards Habs

  SillBill 15:48 13 Jan 2013


Your Samsung Note 7000 has built in WiFi Hotspot, you only have to enable it to use your tablet when not in range of a public Hotspot. The Sky Cloud app seems to rely on being within range of a Hotspot to work, I suppose you could download the Sky Cloud app to your tablet and use your personal Hotspot when not in range.


  habs2habs 07:47 23 Jan 2013

Dear SillBill and all

thank you all for every help i received from you,you have been so helpful to me.

i will try Tethering and portable hotspot, to see what will happen,and i will download sky cloud on my tablet to try it again.

i will let you know later the result.

have a very nice day

my kindest regards habs

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