please help,how can i update the BIOS of my motherboard ASUS H87-pro

  habs2habs 10:44 07 Aug 2014

Hi everyone

please i need your help.

i have some ideas about pc,but not expert.

a computer shop installed an (ASUS H87-pro) motherboard.

the bios version i have now is (0501) it is obsolete bios version.

Asus have now 12 more bioses update.

i am sending you the link to see by yourself please:

click here i need to update the bios one by one,example: from version: 0501 0613 0703 0806 0903 0904 etc...

or i need to update the latest Bios with version (2001 and Bios updater)

Does version 2001 and bios updater include the previous verions?

please which is the safest way step by step to update those (bios)?

Because if i do something wrong i will ruin the motherboard which cost me £80.00.

i asked the computer shop technical person which he fitted the motherboard to me,if he can update the Bios for me,he will charge me £30.00

Can you please tell me how to update those bios step by step?

i hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards habs2habs


  habs2habs 10:47 07 Aug 2014

sorry.i forgot to add:

do i need to update (chipset,hotfix,utilities,sata etc...)

thank you

  Ian in Northampton 11:53 07 Aug 2014

As MechKB says: the most important question is "why do you want to update it?" It's unfortunately the case that many people feel they always have to have the latest version of everything - drivers, for example - but only because it's the latest. Are there features/functions that you can get from a newer BIOS that you really need? Is your system unstable, or do things not work as they should? If your PC does what you need it to, and is reliable, I would urge you not to upgrade the BIOS. It will likely get you nothing tangible in terms of benefit - and in my (limited) experience, flashing the BIOS is one of the best ways known to man of potentially turning a decent PC into a brick.

  Ian in Northampton 13:37 07 Aug 2014

MechKB2: I defer to your greater knowledge... :-) But the question for the OP remains the same: "Why?"

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