Please help with a wireless network question

  NICTRY 07:49 28 Sep 2003

Hope someone can help me out, I know there are some threads on Wireless networking but all seem to answer slightly different questions so I am really after a simple answer to a couple of probably really simple questions

I have seen the following product, which I believe is the actual wireless piece of kit that sits on my main PC
click here

Then I believe I need to plug this in to one of the following
click here
Again this connects into the main PC using a PCI slot?

So first question is does this mean the main PC is then fully Wireless (ie I don't need to do anything with the Broadband modem etc. it will just transmit files and allow access to Broadband to any other PC in range (and set up etc.)

Now final question is a favour, I can't seem to work out what I need to attach to the other PC (desktop) I assume I just need a USB wireless thingy!! to plug into it but I can't seem to find this?

I really would appreciate your help as I am really keen to set this home network up but don't want to waste money or get really frustrated if I have bought the wrong bits of kit.

  Bebee 08:49 28 Sep 2003

The first link gives a page of bits - not sure which bit you mean. The second link is not a wireless card, but could be used to plug a broadband modem into.

You're going to have to be clearer about what you actually want to do with what, and what you have already got.

  Bebee 08:52 28 Sep 2003

Ah - just got the first link - a wireless gateway.
Could be useful - still need more info on what you've got and what you really want to do.

  Bebee 09:02 28 Sep 2003

Would seem that you want to plug the gateway into the PC - this would work with the card in the second link. Assuming you have the broadband running on the PC already (connected by USB?) you can then share the connection. You can then use a USB device on the other PC. The disadvantage of this is having the first PC on whenever you need to use the second.

If all you are likely to want to do is share the connection with the two PCs, you don't need the gateway - just a USB wireless device plugged into both, then use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) assuming you are using windows - there is a wizard to do this.

If you want independent conection plug the modem into a wireless router and add wireless cards to both PCs.

Hope I haven't confused things.

  NICTRY 09:17 28 Sep 2003


Thanks for taking the time to respond, I do want to share files and broadband and printer etc. from the main PC with the second. I have the broadband on a USB modem at present on the main PC (and I leave this on all the time so hence why I wasn't going for a router) I think I may have found all 3 bits I need now and have listed them below. If these will all work could you let me know (I am very appreciative for your assistance)

The wireless bit on the main PC?
click here

The wireless bit for the spare PC?
click here

The card to put in the main PC that the wireless bit plugs into?
click here

  Bebee 11:12 28 Sep 2003


The parts will do the job, though if you don't expect to add another PC in the near future you can leave out the access point and put the a Belkin card in each PC instead. I have one and it's been very reliable and relatively easy to set up.

If you do want to add more PCs, or a laptop, later the wireless access point gives more flexibilty.

I have the Belkin card in the main PC, a wireless router/access point (£90-£100) with the modem connected, and a wireless card in a laptop.

I haven't tried a direct connection between the two with ICS, but my understading is that it works fine.

Good Luck

  NICTRY 11:55 28 Sep 2003


Thanks, I have placed the order now so don't be surprised if I post back here in a couple of days when I can't get it all working ;-)

Cheers, Nick

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