please help with WIN DVD 5 and 6

  bibo1465 00:24 19 Apr 2005

hi everyone

Please i need your help. I have WIN DVD 5 and 6.

I have created my own dvd using Encoding software(TMPEGENC).

When i go to the Win DVD on the right side there is an arrow, i click on it,it give some option such(navigation,language,display etc...).

I click on language, there is a thing called:audio 01
subtitle: disable

I can't click on them they are dimmed.There is an icon on the right of (audio and subtitle),when i clik on it another page with so many tab opened.

I clicked on (preferences tab), and on the middle of the page there(DVD default configuration)

I changed the (audio,subtitle and subtilecc style) to different language, nothing happened.

I still hear english language,anf subtitle as well.

Am i doing something wrong?

As i told you before i have created those DVD myself.

Please what can i do to be able to hear different language and to see subtitle as well.

I have windows xp SP2.

I hope to hear from you very soon.

Thank you for your help in advance

My kindest regards

  ACOLYTE 00:56 19 Apr 2005

Did you add a different language to the DVD or just English?im not sure but if you didnt you wont be able to select any other.

  bibo1465 07:35 19 Apr 2005

hi acolyte

No i haven't any language to my dvd,in fact i don't know how to add language.

Is there anyway to do that?
Install any software to make my do that,and which software,free software,if possible?

how to do that?

thank you again

  ACOLYTE 12:08 19 Apr 2005

I'm not 100% but you might be able to add different languages with the software that made the DVD,but as i said I'm not really sure how you add other languages.Some third party software may be able to it but i duont know if any of it will be free.

  bibo1465 22:44 19 Apr 2005

hi Acolyte

Thank you again for the quick reply i receved from you, you are so helpful.

Please if you know any software, can you please let me know?

My kindest regards

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