please help with ubunto 8.10

  habs2habs 20:34 09 Apr 2009

hi everyone

please i need your help,i am new to ubunto 8.10.

i install it with no problem,update all the file.

i have problem,i can't install any software.

example:i used the software from pc advisor cd,download the avg antivirus,zonealarm.

all the times when i try to install,the antivirus and zonealarm,or any software from the pc advisor cd,an error come up saying:

there was an error installing the selected file

issetup.exe does not appear to be a valid theme.

issetup.exe: is the pctools internet security.

now i am writing to you this thread,without even antivirus,or zone alarm.

whatever cd or download,i downloaded from the internet,none worked.

please i hope to hear from you very soon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 09 Apr 2009

The software on the PC advisor disk is for Windows not for Ubunto.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 09 Apr 2009

Securing Ubunto click here

  habs2habs 14:48 12 Apr 2009

hi everyone

please i need your help.

i am new to ubunto 8.10.

2 days old only.

i am having a lot of errors during boot up,actualy i can't bootup at all.

when i press the laptop on,a black screen with a lot of white writing comeup :saying:

dlm-control[4312]cman_admin_init error2
Fence-tool:waiting for cman to start
CCS[4287][4287]unable to connect to cluster infrastructure after 30 seconds
60 seconds
90 seconds

so on ......

the main error is: cman_admin_inint error2

there is a software in ubunto 8.10 to be able to install software with .exe extension,like windows,which one please?.

can you please help me solving these errors,to be able to boot normally.

sometimes when i press [control,alt,delete] it does work.

i hope to hear from you very soon.

my kindest regards

  splatter 15:43 12 Apr 2009

as for not being able to start up, I dnt know.

Yes there is a program for linux, called xWine which allows you to run a lot of windows programs on linux...but not all. Google it!

  brundle 16:06 12 Apr 2009

Read this, from the Ubuntu forum; click here

  User-1229748 19:05 12 Apr 2009

if only a couple of days in and if you have nothing that you need to save a reinstall may be the way to go.the forum brundles link goes to is the best for ubuntu answers.if you get back up and running don't start trying to install anti virus and other security software,read this link and then decide whether you even need any security apps at allclick here

  LastChip 19:08 12 Apr 2009

I'm afraid you've made the classic mistake that many other have too; so you're not alone.

If you're dealing with Ubuntu (Linux), you need to forget everything you've learned about Windows. Linux is entirely different.

If you want to install a program in Linux, it's normally done via your package manager, which is Synaptic. You need to find the equivalent Linux program, mark it for installation and click apply. That's all there is to it.

Quite why you're getting errors on boot-up, I'm not sure, but it may be to do with what you've inadvertently attempted to do with AVG and Zonealarm. Neither are suitable, or needed. There is in fact an AVG Linux version, but it needs some Linux knowledge to install.

If all else fails, just reinstall Ubuntu, allow it to update itself and then return with any questions you may have. But FORGET Windows!

click here for something I wrote that offers a basic introduction to Linux.

  habs2habs 22:40 12 Apr 2009

hi everyone

i would like to thank you all for every help i received from have been so helpful and kind.

god bless you all.

i will follow all the link and let you know.

the final option is to re-install ubunto

my kindest regards

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