Please help, stystem or screen or other problems please help

  imsas 09:18 17 Jul 2014

HI all i have a slight problem with my computer, firstly ill try and describe it as good as i can; whenever im on any site the site keep on scrolling up and or down if im on my desktop it always selects whatever is in the top left or bottom left corner (it does not click it) when i type it keeps on jumping to the begining of the message (this does not happen here on the google translate page as this is where im also typing this message) searching something on goggle is really hard and takes xx atempts and chating on skype and stuff is impossible, also the problem does not always occur nor is it fixed by a restart it just randomly comes up stays here forever (it cant be any programs as i have already uninstalled everything i dont really need and had everything else closed many times and it still does it) and then just leaves again for a while and comes back, restarting the computer does nothing @ all problem just stays,also when i type into fields like password fields and username fields and searchbars and as said this google trnaslate thing it does not jump to the begining so i can type here somehow .... and secondly i will list everything i have tried th ill list it again if if i said it above, Restarting computer, uninstalling almost every programm, deactivating my touchpad,,unpluging my mouse (USB MOUSE), , running antivirus scanns and also malwarebytes, (althou i thought that this wont help as i have no clue what kind of virus would just take a break sometimes...), and i have tried closing all programms and everything in the taskmanager thats not really needed and that also did nothing, .... When this started it was no so bad it was a scrolling down on a page every now and then and was stopped by pressing the spacebar once or any other key on the keyboard then that started to not have any efects and the nines came in it kept on typing nines in return this whole problem above disapeared i was able to stop the nines problem throu pressing the numlock key witch in return gave me this problem i described here again and then for a while it was like this either nines or moving p and down or just one of either.... then after that both problemms just went away and after like a week the problem im having now came back since that its about a week and its getting worse and worse firstly i was able to do stuff to make it stop for maybe 1 minute like pressing the arrow key in witch direction it went (either up or down) then that started to not have any effect but i was still able to type into the goggle search bar then after a while that i was also not able to do because it kept on switching to something i didnt even type in so now i can only type on this trnaslate google thing i really tried allot of stuff like virus scans system scans im hoping someone knows what kind of problem my computer has so i can finally try and fix this (lets hope i dont have to type allot to fix it) also sorry if there is allot of mispelling in this text im not english and typing even here is really hard as the page goes up and down every second or so and i can barly see what im typing also please note: the co.mputer im using is acer windows 7 it says aspire series 5552 model no: PEW76 on the back ..... lets hope my computer isnt broken so it cant be repaired (it does seem like a sytsem thing or something) also note that it has this wierd thing with the electric when i unplug it while its running and plug it back in again it does kinda like not accpet it or something i have to shut it down and plug it back in for it to accpet the electric or something like that i find this supper wierd...

  Ian in Northampton 11:28 17 Jul 2014

That's a really difficult post to read. It would help if you broke it up into paragraphs. So, forgive me if you have answered this, but - have you tried with a different external keyboard and a different external mouse?

  alanrwood 11:47 17 Jul 2014

I have to agree with Ian. I looked at this and thought I can't be bothered to read this. It is too long and difficult to read. Sorry.

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