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  [email protected]® 11:29 02 Sep 2004

My brothers computer has had nothing but problems. I have given him my copy of ME to put on it because he has lost all his discs, I have bought XP to go on my computer. The problem is that when I put the disc in it comes up with the error 'Your computer is not responding, incorrect system type restore cancelled' What do I do now because it has now been formatted? Thanks.

  xania 11:48 02 Sep 2004

It sounds as if your system is tryting to restore an old system rather than install a new one. You say that you have formatted the hard disk - so what are you using to get to the stagew where you insert you CD. The better approach is to insert the CD before switching the computer on - but you first need to make sure that your PC is set up in the BIOS to boot from CD (I prefer the order Floppy; CD; HD). If you then switch on your computer, the CD will load and automatically start the XP installation for you.

  [email protected]® 11:51 02 Sep 2004

It seems to recognise the cd drive because it gives me the option to restore ME or boot from dos I select restore ME but it comes up with that error.

  mgmcc 13:40 02 Sep 2004

[email protected]®,

Is the disk actually a proper copy of "Microsoft Windows ME" or is it a manufacturer's "System Restore" disk specifically for restoring the bundled software (including Win ME) in your particular model of PC?

If it is the latter, it isn't going to work in a different PC.

  xania 15:14 02 Sep 2004

mgmcc has probably hit the nail on the head. I was trying to understand what was being restored but I was looking at installing on your PC not his. If you've got a manufacturer's restore disc, you only have a licence that will operate on that PC, to restore it to the way it was when you bought it. It won't work on a different PC, and, if you make any changes to the internals of your PC it might not even work there. In either case, you will need a full version of the software, so that you can install the appropriate drivers for your configuration.

  [email protected]® 19:08 02 Sep 2004

Yes, the restore cd was with my computer I originally bought but I have changed everything in my computer since then including mobo, graphics card etc. and it worked whenever I formatted my PC, so why shouldn't it work in his?

  [email protected]® 08:08 03 Sep 2004


  xania 09:07 03 Sep 2004

The reason for this is that you still ahd the same motherboard. True you added new bits, but you also had the drivers for these, and you were thus able to over-write those provided with the new ones. Clearly, and thankfully, your supplied CD thought of this and coped, but you cannot get away with such a fundamental change as a mobo in the same way. The fact of the matter is, as ever, new mobo, new install. Updated add-ons are OK but not updated mobo.

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