PLEASE HELP: Reload CD question

  coolteentom 17:38 30 Sep 2003


I have recently bought a CD-RW drive (internal) to go onto my computer, but I got a virus and had to re-install.

This now means that it reloaded to a older OS, incompatable with the CD-RW drive.

I have borrowed a 'Reload CD version 2' from a friend. If I re-install with this Cd, will it mess up my system or not.

Thanks for your help.


We both have Time systems.

  pepe 17:50 30 Sep 2003

If you both have the same make and madel it should be okay, but only if the specs are identical, otherwise I would steer clear and buy a copy of the required O/S, and do a clean install.

  coolteentom 17:53 30 Sep 2003

My PC is 5 years old, and his is new, so I suppose it would be quite risky.

Thanks for the info.

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