Please help recommend a low profile graphics card

  Bundus 13:17 20 May 2010

Hi guys

Im new to the forum but after reading some of the previous responses I thought this was the best place to try and get some help with my problem. Ok here goes...

I have a Dell Inspiron 530s (the slimline model) and the main reason I bought it was for watching TV and Movies. I was recommended the ATI HD 2400 Pro Graphics Card and told it was for HD video. I didnt realise though that it has no hdmi output. I went out and bought the ATI adaptor to convert from DVI to HDMI which is also supposed to carry the audio signal but it didnt work. Turns out its because my dell pc has some strange output on the graphics card which then requries another cable which converts it to dual DVI or dual VGA connections.

Ive since bought an AV receiver with HDMI inputs and a 5.1 surround system. Basically all I want is a graphics card that will be equivelent or better then my current card and that has an hdmi output which will also carry the sound through the hdmi. Ive been told that I can get any card with a dedicated DVI output and use my ATI HDMI adaptor but Im weary about doing this in case it doesnt work - so am I best off just buying a graphics card with hdmi output that carries both the video and audio?

Here is my criteria.

Must be low profile and come with low profile bracket
Must be able to output hdmi (either directly or using my ATI adaptor)
Must be able to output 5.1 sound through the hdmi
Must be able to cope with running hd video
My Dell has a 250 watt power supply and the card has to be passively powered (I think)
I never play games on the PC so gaming capability is not an issue

Please help guys. Ive been told that the HD 4550 would do it but this would need to be using my adaptor. The HD 5570 looks like it would do the job but is this overkill for my needs?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  citadel 17:56 20 May 2010

there's hd5540 or hd5550 check specs at the only reason for passive cooling is noise.

  Bundus 11:33 21 May 2010

Thanks very much

So will this card output video and audio via the hdmi?

I wont run into any problems with my sound card will I? I have the Realtek HD Audio on there which came with the machine.

Thanks again.

  Bundus 11:34 21 May 2010

When I say "this card" I mean the HD 5450 as thats about the price range I was looking at.


  Bundus 12:28 21 May 2010

Also just read a review that said the 5450 failed to operate on their system because they only had 250w power - which is what I have.

But I also read elsewhere that the Dell pc's understate their power and I should not have a problem so now Im totally confused.

Will the HD 5450 run on my system?

  retep888 16:14 21 May 2010

It'll do what you required,

Asus HD 4350 click here

Sapphire HD4350 click here

Power requirement <25W click here

Low profile faceplates included,only things to watch out is the passive heatsink can take up quite a bit of space,make sure you have room of 2 slots.

  Bundus 16:30 21 May 2010

Thanks very much for that. This just leads me to one final question.

In my PC I have the HD 2400 in one slot then there are 2 slots next to it. Would I replace the 2400 with the new one or does it go in addition to that one? That sound really stupid to ask but I just want to make sure.


  retep888 16:54 21 May 2010

Once you have the new card,take the old card out and put the new card in.

It's as simple as that.

  Bundus 17:01 21 May 2010

Thanks again mate.

I think Ill go for the 4350 as it looks like it will do everything I need.

Before I spend the money is there any reason to spend the few quid extra and get the 5450? Will having DDR3 instead of DDR2 make a difference to what I use it for?

Thanks again.

  retep888 17:21 21 May 2010

If you want a more up to date card with a slightly better performance than the HD 4350(game wise with DX11 support) then the HD5450 is the one.

But don't forget you don't play games and your Dell's PSU is only 250W (which may/may not run the HD 5450 without problem) and HD5450 needs min 400W PSU officially.

  Bundus 11:58 23 May 2010

I think you are right mate.

Thanks so much for the advice. Ive ordered the HD4350 as it seems like the best fit for my needs.


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