please help pc b eginner

  y0ukn0ws1t 16:40 01 Aug 2008

pardon my gappy knowledge
a few weeks ago i tried to turn on my pc,and nothing happened,no whirring or
beeping whatsoever,so i bought a new psu(cheap trust 370w) and tried it with that.
my fans switch on and my hdd beeps and whirs but there is no signal from the pc,my
cd drives do not open.could i have hooked the psu up incorrectly?it is a 24 pin
psu and i have a 20 pin mothgerboard but was told this would be has less sockets than
my prev psu but i have hooked all the drives up correctly.I have tried the pc with just
the mobo and cpu
hooked up but got nothing,only fans whirring.i have tried it with all components
disconnected singularly
and all disconnected,i have unhooked the ram but i still cannot get anything out.
i did accidentally unhook the cpu and heatsink,but think i put it back in properly(it has
clamps that put it in neatly)
im runnin a 4 year old ATI IGP RADEON 9100 with a maxtor 200gb hdd,corsair value select
2*512mb ram
1 unknown cdrw drive,1 unknown dvdrw drive,cpu 3.2 ghz p4 ht prescott

anyt help would be much appreciated as i am running out of ideas and enjoy DIY so dont
fancy taking it to the shop

  skidzy 17:05 01 Aug 2008

Ok,first thing is;

When you removed the cpu did you clean off the thermal paste/compound and reapply new before replacing the cpu ?

The 24 pin atx power supply is normally 20+4,depending on the power required will determine if you need the +4,but i think you are ok with the 20.

Your psu will be ok for now but i would recommend you get something in the region of 500watt and branded.

You really need to remove the dvd and cd drives for now and just connect the harddrive and one stick of ram and alternate between the two sticks of ram.

If the motherboard has onboard graphics,remove the graphics card and try again-the bios should default to the onboard graphics if indeed the motherboard has this.Sometimes you may need to enter the bios to change the graphics configuration.

It is possible the motherboard is damaged.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 01 Aug 2008

try with only

cpu and fan
one stick of memory
basic graphics + monitor

make sure nothing is plugged into USB or ethernet ports.
it should then boot to an eror message about missing drives or keyboard.

  y0ukn0ws1t 17:31 01 Aug 2008

thanks for speedy reply.
where would the paste be?between the cpu and heatsink?they were glued together quite firmly,and there was no paste between cpu pins and mobo.
have tried alternating between rams but still no bios.

cannot remove video card as my mobo is igp and appears to have no removable video/graphics card,only cards are ram

when you say remove the cd/dvd drives,is removing the power supply to them sufficient?i assume it would be

  y0ukn0ws1t 17:35 01 Aug 2008

hi fruit bat,have done all possible combinations of componenets plugged/unplug but still cannot get anything to the monitor.hdd appears to not be booting so i doubt its the vga cable/monitor as it is showing that no signal is being teceived and works on otherpc.i have a feeling it is the cpu or mobo

any more suggestions much appreciated

  paul€ 18:00 01 Aug 2008

from the psu should convert into a 20 pin. just slide the block of 4 off the end of the 20 block.

have you connected the 4 pin 12v from the psu to the motherboard?

  woodchip 18:15 01 Aug 2008

Try starting the PC without the four pin power plug connected to Hard Drive, just to see if you get anything on screen

  skidzy 18:24 01 Aug 2008

Is the hdd receiving power ?
Are the fans still spinning ?
Can you boot into the bios ?

You should have renewed the thermal paste as this will stop the cpu overheating and potentially damage the cpu,though normally the system would shut down.

You have placed the cpu in correctly (only fits one way) look for the little arrow on the corner.

As paul€ says,check the 4 pin 12v is connected.
Check the ide ribbon is connected to the correct controller on the motherboard.

Ive had motherboards in the past that fire up the fans and sends power to the hdd...but just will not fire the machine up,this is possible a damaged board.

Any power cuts recently ?
Electrical surges. ?
Storms ?

  woodchip 18:26 01 Aug 2008

Hi skidzy

Just posted other side after being out for a run in car

  y0ukn0ws1t 18:35 01 Aug 2008

hi paul,yeah the 4 pin block was already disconnected,and the 4 pin mobo psu power block is connected.hiwoodchip have tried that but can get nothing,not even basic bios or a signal that shows on my monitor.could i have oput the cpu back in wrong?would that stop everything from working?or is it poss the psu failure broke the mobo/cpu?

  woodchip 18:39 01 Aug 2008

You could have destroyed it, if you have forced it in or touched any pins etc. Also did you remove the Mains Plug when you did any of the above???

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