please help, new htpc build, serious issue??

  roach8734 20:28 28 Feb 2010

i have built myself a HTPC and am having problems, it boots up, it recognises all drives and memory, it starts to read the windows 7 disc then resets. it seems to reset at random points, i've had it reset from the bios but it normally gets to the windows logo and resets.

I've tried

a different PSU
One ram stick
the other ram stick
a completly different ram stick
no hard drive
a different hard drive
no dvd drive
no switches
no case

still no better, i've been into the bios and monitored the temps and all below 40c. is there any chance this could be a setting ive missed in the bios? the only thing i can think it could be is the motherboard as thats the only part that isnt new, and i havent replaced.


gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H mobo
AMD phenom 2.3 quad core cpu
Weston digital 2TB hard drive
2x2Gb kingston hyper x ddr2 1066
500w psu
Envizage LC727-03 case (ebay)
windows 7 64bit

any help before i buy another board appreciated.

  LastChip 21:14 28 Feb 2010

Download and burn a Linux distro and run it live from your DVD drive.

If all is well, it's not a hardware problem at all, but something Windows 7 doesn't like, or (unusually) you have a faulty Windows 7 disc.

The only other thing that (possibly) you haven't changed is the optical drive itself. They can be problematic on occasions.

  roach8734 21:47 28 Feb 2010

thanks, i will try this tomorrow but i dont think it will work as it resets without the dvd drive in. thats what makes me think its a hardware fault. will let you know how i get on tomorrow.

any other ideas?

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