PLEASE HELP... My Inbox has "vanished"!

  Granny. 18:52 10 Apr 2004

I know I`m a beginner, but I can`t work this one out at all. I used my PC for a while and everything was OK, but when I turned it back on, instead of going directly to my Inbox, I got Outlook Expresses box instead and although all the other folders are there, the Inbox is n`t!. I went to my ISPs` help info, and did everything in their "check" list, but can`t get it back !! (I`m with Tiscali.)

PLEASE can anyone help? As I can`t get to my Emails at all now.

  hugh-265156 18:55 10 Apr 2004

try clicking


tick "when starting go directly to my inbox"

  Granny. 19:23 10 Apr 2004

Thanks huggyg71, I`d already done that but it did n`t work. It`s weird, because the Inbox has even gone from the folders list, (where it says outbox, sent, deleted etc;)

I`ve gone through all the different "check" boxes, aand they all seem to be right! So just don`t know what to do next !!!

Thanks for replying.

  Eric10 20:56 10 Apr 2004

First find your inbox.dbx file. Under Windows XP you should find it at Documents and Settings, 'Username', Local Settings, Identities, {88EB5C65-....}, Microsoft, Outlook Express, and rename it as it may be corrupted. Under Windows 98 I think you should look under Windows, Application Data, etc. When you next start Outlook Express a new Inbox should be created.

If that doesn't help then try to reinstall Outlook Express from Add and Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components.

  VoG II 21:32 10 Apr 2004

Which version of Windows do you have, Granny. This might help to track down the "culprit".

Have you recently added or removed any programs or devices?

  Granny. 14:55 11 Apr 2004

Thank you Eric10, I have n`t quite worked all that out yet, (not very good on the technical side!) But I`ll have a look and see if I can find it. (I`ve got Windows 98) Many thanks.

Vog""", thank you, I`ve got Windows 98, but I have n`t got the disc, so hope that does n`t cause a problem at all !
The only thing that`s different is Zonealarms` version. I did have the trial version, but that was only for 15 days, so when it finished, I clicked the box to go over to the "freebie" version. Could that do it?

Also, the whole page has changed, where it went straight to my Inbox before, now, the Outlook Express page comes up, but with the Inbox missing from the list of folders. Also, it now says it`s supplied by Tiscali (my ISP) whereas before, it just said Outlook Express by Microsoft. (I think!!!)

Does any of that make any sense to you? because I`m afraid I`m "lost", Many thanks.

  hugh-265156 15:17 11 Apr 2004

Hi Granny try this.

click here

i would also upgrade to version 6 if currently using version 5 click here this will update bot outlook express and internet explorer.

this will remove any provided by branding in outlook express and internet explorer also click here

  VoG II 15:21 11 Apr 2004

In Tools, select Options. On the General tab tick "On starting go directly to my Inbox folder". Exit Outlook Express then start it again.

That should at least get it to look like it used to.

  Granny. 17:04 11 Apr 2004

Well. I`ve updated, and just finished writing down all the instructions from Microsoft on how to back-up and rename files, (wish I could afford a printer!!!) so am going to see if I can do that successfully now, so please keep your fingers crossed for me!. I`ll let you know if it works!.

By the way, this will probably sound like a stupid question, but please could you explain how files get corrupted, (I don`t really understand what a corrupted file is!) so maybe I can avoid it happening in the future.
Many thanks.

  hugh-265156 17:09 11 Apr 2004

i cannot explain the hows and whys because i dont know to be honest but i just think in my own opinion that its caused because windows is complex and when you add others software into the mix things can just go pear shaped for no reason at all.

keep a good known back up or image handy and dont take it for granted that things will go as planned....ever.

  VoG II 17:10 11 Apr 2004

Everything crossed Granny.

Basically files get corrupted if there is an error writing to your hard drive. click here gives an explanation in refreshingly plain English (site takes a while to load).

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