Please Help MP3 Player

  eljanno 12:58 18 Dec 2003

Hi Guys'
I wounder if you can give me a clue with this one..
My sister has been bought an MP3 player, however when she download's her music to it she cannot hear it very well on playback. My nephew has tried it on his computer and it works fine.
I am not sure of the make of the player, but she is running Windows 98 (as is her son I think)she has had a mail from the makers saying the player is not compatable with Windoes 98 series 1 so she downloaded series 2 and still no luck.
She is not very good with computers, and I wont be visiting til after christmas, so any help would be greatfully received.

  johnnyrocker 13:20 18 Dec 2003

by series 1 do the makers mean win 98 or 98 se? and is the versions on the pc that works and the pc that doesn't the same?.


  johnnyrocker 14:38 18 Dec 2003


  eljanno 16:01 18 Dec 2003

98 I think, I am just assuming that her sons comp has 98 but I am not sure, what is 98 se?

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